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YSL Defendant to Be Tried Separately After Mental Health Evaluation

by AcklinEHuey

A Georgia judge has severed the case of Jayden Myrick, one of 14 original defendants in the YSL RICO case, following a mental health evaluation. The amount of defendants who’ll be tried together is now 10.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports Myrick was ordered to undergo the evaluation in April after the 22-year-old requested to represent himself in the upcoming trial on the grounds that he was receiving legal advice from Donald Trump. 

“I’m not the regular inmate, I be with Joe Biden and Donald Trump and they be talking to me,” Myrick said at the time. “Donald Trump is going to get me out.”

Chief Judge Ural Glanville ruled on Monday that Myrick’s case will be severed after he was informed that Jayden hadn’t taken his medication since December. 

“I think severance would be appropriate at this point in time,” Glanville told the court. 

At an earlier hearing for YSL’s RICO case, Myrick admitted that he had ties to street gangs such as YSL and the Bloods-affiliated Nine Trey Gangsters.

“I was too young to get jumped in,” Myrick said at the time. “But as I grew older I was like family to them.”

Jayden Myrick is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Christian Broder, a D.C. resident who in 2018 was shot and killed outside an Atlanta country club after attending a wedding. According to prosecutors, Broder was waiting for an Uber when Myrick and three others robbed him at gunpoint before fatally shooting him. Myrick was convicted of murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault, and 13 other counts.

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