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Yoo Seung-ho and Kim Dong-hwi kidnap their friend in The Deal

by Amber Simmons

Yoo Seung-ho and Kim Dong-hwi kidnap their friend in The Deal

One impulsive decision leads to a downward spiral as two friends cross a line of no return. Based on the webcomic of the same name, The Deal stars Yoo Seung-ho (Moonshine) as down-on-his-luck Lee Joon-sung and Kim Dong-hwi (Missing: The Other Side 2) as initiator Song Jae-hyo. In need of money, they decide one day to kidnap their wealthy friend, but will their choices bring them riches or ruin?

The newest character trailer showcases the four main leads, starting off with Lee Joon-sung. Once an aspiring athlete, Joon-sung is now a drifter with a 400 million won debt and at risk of losing his organs if he doesn’t pay it off within a month. One day, Jae-hyo suggests kidnapping their friend for ransom money, and Joon-sung replies, “Are you certain that you can get the money without getting caught?” A series of scenes flash by hinting at a less than smooth operation, and Joon-sung seems conflicted as he says that the person they kidnapped is their friend first and foremost.

In contrast, Song Jae-hyo appears more than ready to use their friend to turn his life around. Recently expelled from university, he asks if 500 million won is enough, and then orders his friend’s mother to prepare a billion won if she doesn’t want her son killed. Though Joon-sung warns him that this is a crime, Jae-hyo replies, “It’s only a crime if we’re caught.”

Playing the rich friend and victim of this kidnapping scheme is Yoo Soo-bin (D.P. 2) as Park Min-woo. Growing up, his mother told him not to become a pushover, but it seems her lesson may not have worked as the trailer shows Min-woo get used by his classmates as an atm. However, when Joon-sung and Jae-hyo capture Min-woo, he fights back and identifies them from their cheap cologne. He screams at them, asking if they think he is a pushover, and declares that no one can look down on him.

Throwing a wrench into our kidnappers’ plans is Lee Joo-young (Broker) as Cha Soo-ahn. Watching the events unfold through her peephole, she asks the police if they caught all three men, but when they tell her that there were only two, she gets a strange inkling. She calls herself a witness to a kidnapping, but the police tell her to bring concrete evidence. Thus, she takes matters into her own hands and starts investigating her neighbors.

In align with the dark premise, the character posters also depict our gritty and haggard heroes with Joon-sung’s poster saying, “Are you crazy? This is a crime.” As if responding to his friend, Jae-hyo’s reads, “You know that you’re an accomplice, right?” As for Min-woo, his says, “Do you see me as a pushover?” and Soo-ahn’s states, “The neighbors kidnapped someone.”

Written by Hong Jong-sung and directed by PD Lee Jung-gon (Not Out), The Deal is slated for eight episodes and set to premiere on October 6 through Wavve.



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