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Would You Rather #16 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

by Amber Simmons

Would You Rather #16

In dramaland, leading ladies often find themselves torn between the love of two equally attractive men — a choice none of us would want to make! But what if you did have to pick between the frustrating lawyer and the adorkable police officer? In this weekly feature, we ask you to make the difficult decisions — and we aren’t limiting our options to dreamy oppas.

Vote via the poll and feel free to use the comments to explain exactly how you were able to choose! So, Beanies:


I adore the superhero genre, so last week I thought I’d pit a classic superpower (super strength) against a slightly less conventional power (the ability to see people’s memories). Well, the results are in and the practicality of super strength made it the clear winner, but its triumph was not exactly a landslide (if we compare it to the previous week’s results).

Instead, nearly 40% of Beanies wanted to be “memorist.” @jerrykuvira found the ability to read memories a more fulfilling power because the ability could help people heal from emotional traumas through a “hand-in-hand laser-focused journey.” @diana-hansen had a more observational and scientific reason for choosing to be a memorist, as the ability would allow her to have insight into how people think and process memories. In a similar vein, @britney saw the benefits of being able to preserve the memories of an elderly person whose memory is slipping. While most of you have very wholesome reasons for selecting this power, you were all very aware of how it could also be used for evil.

Being a memorist also has a lot of downsides, too. For example, if you’re like @laurensophie, who easily gets secondhand embarrassment, you might want to steer clear of everyone’s memories from middle and high school and instead pick the power that allows you to put man-splaining gym bros in their place. Ultimately, the practicality of super strength helped it win the poll because even though there weren’t many of you who wanted to play the role of superhero, all of us could use a little more strength in our day-to-day lives, whether you’re bringing in the groceries (@asianromance) or opening pickle jars (@mysterious).


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