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Where To Find The Tempering Workshop In Honkai: Star Rail

by AcklinEHuey

One mission in Honkai: Star Rail sees players need to meet up with the character Clara at a place called The Tempering Workshop, but it can be hard to find with no kind of marker showing up on the map. Although this Workshop doesn’t act as a vendor located in the game, players will have to come back here more than once for different story quests. A special gift from this place also acts as a story item players can collect here.

There are two missions in Honkai: Star Rail, which require players to locate The Tempering Workshop, named “No One is Answering” and “Rarely Affectionate (Part 2)“. Clara is the central character of the former quest, which follows their story and background. Players have to collect several items and complete various tasks before trying to find this hidden area, similar to the “Adventurous Moles” quest.


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How To Find The Tempering Workshop’s Location In Honkai: Star Rail

The Tempering Workshop can be found in Rivet Town, a place players are able to fast travel to at any point during a mission. Part of the underworld of Jarilo-VI, this area happens to be a storage location for another character in the game, Natasha. Going toward the center of Rivet Town should be the players’ first step, with the Workshop sitting among many boxes and TVs to the west on the way from a couple of streets.

Any mission that has players looking for The Tempering Workshop does not put a marker on the map, so this location must be sought out every time. At the end of the “Rarely Affectionate (Part 2)” quest, players meet up with Clara to install new programs for Pascal. Doing this grants an item, a three-star Flower Made From Scrap Iron, from the Workshop as a reward for finishing the mission.

Unfortunately, there are no other uses for The Tempering Workshop other than as a meet-up point for quests. The Flower does not serve any purpose as a material and only serves to give players a unique item, much like the Delicate Snow Globe in Honkai: Star Rail. Future updates might give this object more purpose, but there are no clear uses for it as of this time of writing.

Within the Workshop itself, players may also find a note labeled Tempering Workshop: A Fresh Start that details a brief history of the location. While players only need to learn how to find The Tempering Workshop in Honkai: Star Rail, figuring out more context adds depth to the setting they wouldn’t usually get in the story.

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