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What Will Happen To SuperM? Here’s Update on Group’s Much-Awaited Comeback

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

Contrary to the initial news about SuperM’s comeback in 2023, fans and media declared the group as “virtually disbanded” for THESE reasons.

Following the unfortunate news of Lucas’s departure from his groups NCT and WayV, the much-awaited return of SuperM is being mentioned.

(Photo : Lucas (Sm Entertainment)

In particular, on May 10, SM Entertainment brought the announcement, saying:

“As a result of careful discussion between the company and Lucas, Lucas decided to leave NCT and WayV and continue his personal activities.”

As the agency reported the male idol’s departure and plans to continue as a soloist, his Naver profile has been changed. Upon the announcement, his name was immediately excluded from the aforementioned groups.


(Photo : SuperM (Kpop Wiki))

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However, his name in SuperM remains, drawing attention. In fact, even his penned letter on Instagram didn’t mention his withdrawal from the project boy group.

As a brief context, SuperM is a global project boy group formed in 2019 by world-renowned music label Capitol Records in the United States, offering SM’s founder Lee Soo Man to produce a new K-pop team.


(Photo : Instagram: @superm)

It was called the “K-POP Avengers” consisting of SHINee Taemin, EXO Baekhyun, Kai, NCT Taeyong, Mark, WayV Lucas, and Ten.

When they were launched, the team wrote history in the Billboard charts and even cemented their popularity both in Korean and US markets. However, they had to pause their activities once the members such as Baekhyun and Taemin started their military services.

Is SuperM Comeback Canceled? 4 Reasons People Claim Group Is Already ‘Disbanded’


(Photo : Facebook: SuperM)

After hiatus for about two years since they released, “We DO” in 2021, the group’s fans finally heard a comeback teaser during the SMTOWN LIVE concert held in January 2023.

It was expected that the septet will release their new album between April and May, but media and fans are speculating SuperM’s comeback is already canceled, or worse, the team already “virtually disbanded.”

The first reason was due to Lucas’s departure from the group due to gaslighting controversy. In the official statement, he expressed the desire to pursue a solo path, hence, a comeback with SuperM is impossible.

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(Photo : SuperM (News1))

Secondly, since SuperM is a group formed under the leadership of Lee Soo Man, it will be difficult to make a comeback in the future as long as the producer leaves SM.

SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man has been at odds with his former management over management rights and has now left the company.

Third, EXO Kai already entered the military, which is why it will be hard to continue the promotion without two members already.

Lastly, the group’s comeback was excluded in the second and third-quarter reports of SM including the comebacks and debut.

As a result, some say that SuperM may have actually been disbanded.

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Written by Eunice Dawson.

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