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[UPDATED] K-Drama "Moving" Enters the Disney+ Top 10 Shows Of 16 Countries

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

Update (September 19) “Moving” is gaining more and more viewers, which is evident with its entrance in the Disney+ top 10 of multiple countries. The drama is currently trending in 16 countries like Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hong Kong, and more.   Original Article (August 18) Disney+ K-Drama “Moving” has been gaining attention as it combines K-Drama elements with Western-style superhero narrative, impressive CGI, and a talented cast. The series offers its viewers a one-of-a-kind experience. The starstudded cast of the drama includes Ryu SeungRyong, Han HyoJoo, Zo InSung, Cha TaeHyun, Lee JeongHa, Go YounJung, Kim DoHoon. Kim BongSeok (Lee JeongHa), Jang HuiSoo (Go YounJung), and Lee GangHoon (Kim DoHoon) share a high school, appearing just like any other students. However, they possess unique talents passed down from their parents. Kim BongSeok can fly, Jang HuiSoo boasts remarkable athleticism and swift injury recovery, even surviving gunshots and stabbings. Lee GangHoon commands extraordinary strength and speed. As they conceal their extraordinary capabilities, their parents strive to shield them from those who might exploit their gifts. “Moving” has entered the top 10 shows on Disney+ for 5 asian countries, based on July 5, 2023 data (data for July 4): Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. The drama has been steadily no. 1 on top 10 shows of Disney+ for all 5 countries since August 11. You can access the data and more here. It is important to note that while FlixPatrol has access to data from a huge majority, it does not have access to data from all the countries in the world. Watching “Moving” recently? Let us know your thoughts about the drama through the comment section!  

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