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Upcoming mystery book written by BTS, not Taylor Swift

by AcklinEHuey

The upcoming mystery non-fiction book, set to be released on July 9, will be about K-pop boyband BTS and not Taylor Swift.

Publisher Flatiron Books confirmed on May 11 that the upcoming book, which has since become a best-seller after rumours that it was a memoir by Taylor Swift, will instead be about the K-pop boyband BTS, per The New York Times.

The upcoming book will be titled Beyond The Story: 10-Year Record of BTS, and was written by journalist Myeongseok Kang together with members of the group. Meanwhile, the English version will be translated by Anton Hur, with Clare Richards and Slin Jung.

In addition, the US edition will feature exclusive photographs and will have a first printing of one million copies, per The New York Times. The books are available for pre-order now via Barnes & Noble, Amazon and more.

Notably, Taylor Swift fans had speculated that the book might be a memoir by the pop star as the authour was originally set to be announced on June 13 (the number 13 is Swift’s favourite number) and would be released on July 9 (a date that Swift had highlighted in her announcement of her ‘Speak Now’ re-recording).

However, both June 13 and July 9 are also important dates to fans of BTS. Notably, June 13 is the boyband’s debut anniversary, meanwhile July 9 is when the group’s fanbase ARMY were founded.

BTS are currently on an extended break, with members of the boyband releasing solo music and enlisting in the South Korean military for their mandatory service.

Member Suga released his debut studio album ‘D-Day’ late last month, and with it wrapped up a trilogy of releases under his Agust D moniker, following 2016’s ‘Agust D’ and 2020’s ‘D-2’ mixtapes.

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