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Unexpected Guests Shock ARMYs At BTS Suga’s Agust D Concerts In L.A.

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

Some very famous but unexpected guests shocked ARMYs at BTS Suga‘s recent Agust D concerts.

BTS’s Suga | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Suga is currently on his SUGA | Agust D “D-DAY” TOUR IN US. He performed D1 of his Los Angeles concerts at Kia Forum on May 10 and performed D2 on May 11.

Those ARMYs who attended D2 were in for an extra special night as some famous guests made a surprise appearance.


American singer MAX, who has collaborated with Suga for “Blueberry Eyes” and “Burn It,” shocked the crowd by not only being in attendance. He actually joined Suga on stage for the performance of “Burn It!”

Nothing could have prepared us for this epic moment! They are such an iconic duo.

Everyone who attended all other dates has serious FOMO right now!

If that was not enough, The Rose, including Woosung, who is a friend of Suga’s, attended the previous concert. Like MAX, he also collaborated with Suga. He appears on “Snooze” from the latest Agust D album D-DAY. 

ARMYs spotted the group at last night’s concert. A few lucky fans were even able to meet the members.

Will Woosung possibly join Suga on stage at the next concert? Only time will tell.

Previously, Suga’s fellow BTS member Jimin attended Newark. Read more below.

BTS’s Suga And Jimin React To The Highlight Moment Of “Agust D” Concert In Newark

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