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“True To Love” Episodes 7 and 8 Reflect On The Lessons Learned In Relationship Closures

by Amber Simmons

Consistently sharing make-sense relationship tips, week 4 of True To Love delved into varying mindsets in accepting closures.

Emphasizing the last impression given by an ex-lover after the breakup matters, Bora uniquely comes up with her love recovery plan by rewriting Ji-wan’s desperate impression of her to a sensible, mature woman.

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True To Love Episodes 7 and 8 Highlights

Picking herself up from the bad breakup, Bora confronted another mishap when Bomi falls into a scam.

Without money and options, she summons her guts to sign up a contract with Jinlee Publishing company.

“Knock knock, this is Deborah. Put your bad-mouthing on hold, as I am going in.”

Presenting her agreement to sign a new contract with Jinlee Publishing, Bora brainstorms with Su-hyeok about the book she intends to write.

She also determines discovering the source of defeat in a relationship would be an integral part of the book.

Genuinely acknowledging her overindulging in Ji-wan gave the suffocating moment to him. From there, she also did not hide that she cares for the relationship more and sets her mind that a relationship has to be with him.

Su-hyeok, on the other hand, did not define the relationship nor did he verbally express it making the other party confused and unsettled about how she stands in his life.

A new place, a new novel, and a new set of people surround Bora in her new beginning. While working on her new book, she decides on a unique concept that Su-hyeok picks up easily.

“On the day I broke up with him, I kissed another man.”

Both protective of Jin-ho, Bora and Yoo-jung give him advice that would put off his Ms. Destiny who turns out to be Bomi. He proceeds to a public display of affection which slightly annoys Bomi. But she also ends up accepting his love since she also grew fond of him.

Marking her big plan to rewrite the last impression of her breakup with Ji-wan, Bora orchestrated a plan to communicate her pains and thoughts with him politely. She also commissions Su-hyeok to be with her during the stakeout at Ji-wan’s favorite restaurant.

Proceeding as planned, Bora converses with Jin-ho conveying the reasons for her recent reactions. She also confidently lets him go and reassures him she does not have any hard feelings anymore.

True To Love

True To Love Episodes 7 and 8 Musings

Love stories are blooming left and right in True To Love. The fading moments would test Bora and Su-hyeok who are both realistic when it comes to committing to a relationship.

Evidently, the kiss is a “spur of the moment” thing and their response to it can either lead to awkwardness or mutual acknowledgment that it was just a momentary mistake.

Nevertheless, they cannot deny the fact that all those moments they’ve been with each other are faint signals they are fatedly connected.

This week’s episode highlights the importance of a “balanced relationship” as well as “defining what kind of romantic relationship” you share with someone.

In the case of Bora who admitted to showing her weakness got the best of her since Ji-wan took advantage of his knowledge that she loves him more; viewers can learn to always love themselves more so they can fairly give love to another person without overexerting their efforts.

In a similar context, Su-hyeok’s indecisive approach to committing to a relationship caused him to lose the woman he loves. His understanding that actions speak louder than words apparently does not work in all situations. Had he cleared enough about how his ex-girlfriend weighs in his life, he could have salvaged the relationship.

All things considered; the lead pair’s failed relationships are shaping up to be a springboard to a new romance they will find with each other that they truly deserve.

Learn love and relationship lessons in True To Love every Wednesday and Thursday on ENA. International fans can watch it on Prime Video.

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