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TREASURE’s Influx of Schedule in Japan Draws Mixed Reaction From TEUMEs

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

While TREASURE’s Japanese fans were all beaming due to the group’s multiple events in their country, other TEUMEs, especially Korean supporters feel otherwise.


In an online community, YG Entertainment’s boy group TREASURE became a hot topic after Korean fans complained about the influx of their schedule in Japan, more than in South Korea.

In particular, this issue was raised by Korean TEUMEs on Twitter, when the author released a timeline showing how long the group stayed in Japan versus in Korea.

Jan-Feb: Japan tour
April-May: High touch event
July 22: Nagoya Water Bomb Festival August 19-20: Summer Sonic Festival in Tokyo and Osaka
September 2-3: Fanmeeting in Fukuoka September 8-10: Fanmeeting in Hyogo September 16-18: Fanmeeting in Kanagawa September 23-24: Fanmeeting in Aichi September 30-Oct 1: Fanmeeting in Tokyo

The OP then emphasized that from November 2022 until this May, TREASURE has been in Korea only for a month in February. Other than this, all of the past months have been spent in Japan or other foreign countries.


(Photo : Twitter)

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In a popular web forum then, a supposed fan conveyed disappointment and wrote:

“Does TREASURE live in Japan? Are they only visiting South Korea for a short time?”

Following these posts, a lot of Korean TEUMEs agreed and highlighted that TREASURE is supposedly a Korean-based K-pop group, however, it doesn’t promote much in Korea.

In fact, other K-pop fans are saying that they are aware of the group but can’t remember the members’ names due to their limited time in the country.



Despite this, TEUMEs are particularly disappointed with YG Entertainment, its agency, rather than the group. As TREASURE is comprised of four Japanese members including Yoshi, Masaho, Haruto and Asahi, the team is also widely popular in Japan.

Korean TEUMEs React To TREASURE’s Japan Schedule

While it is understandable that the company is trying to maximize the group’s influence and power in a foreign country, Korean fans complained of their power being ignored and looked down on.

TREASURE 'Here I Stand', Billboard Japan Hot 100 #1

(Photo : Treasure Twitter)

Some of the comments say:

  • “It’s just a level of pushing Korean fans to leave the fandom, so I’m also leaving.”
  • “I became a fan after going to their Hello Concert because I was interested. But, I haven’t seen them on TV since I became a fan. I just quit being a cyber fan.”
  • “It’s not to gain popularity abroad. It’s just for collecting money.”
  • “There have been no Korean events for six months, and I’ve been on a plane a few times to follow the Hello Tour, and when I saw the notice yesterday, I really wanted to quit being a fan. I’ve been quiet lately, and I’ve been so attached to it.”
  • “I became a fan of TREASURE in November, and since I became a fan, I’m so sad that I’ve been going overseas… There’s nothing I can do in my country.”



Meanwhile, TREASURE, which is on its 12th Asian tour in eight cities, is scheduled to finish in Hong Kong on May 20th.

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Written by Eunice Dawson.

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