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Thirty Seconds to Mars Announce First Album in 5 Years, Drop ‘Stuck’ – Rolling Stone

by AcklinEHuey

New music from brothers Jared and Shannon Leto is on the way. On Monday, Thirty Seconds to Mars also announced their first album in 5 years, It’s the End of the World But It’s a Beautiful Day, out this September. The band also released their newest single, “Stuck.”

“I knew I’d stay with you after just one touch/The way you move has got me/Stuck,” sings Leto on the chorus for “Stuck.”

The Jared Leto-directed video for the track features both siblings singing into the camera, spliced with visuals of a woman licking her foot and a snake slithering over a model’s body. The video takes a turn toward the end, showing numerous dancers — and both Jared and Shannon — suddenly in color.

Jared explained that the video is a “love letter to some of my favorite photographers,” including Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Robert Mapplethorpe, Diane Arbus, and Herb Ritts, which “changed the way I saw things and showed me new possibilities.”

“It’s very much a companion piece and a continuation of a journey started with ‘Up In The Air,’ a celebration of art, design, fashion, and the remarkable people who bring them to life,” Jared said in a statement. “It is a love letter to the power of movement and connection, a testament to the awe-inspiring potential of people who don’t necessarily fit so neatly in – but make the world so much more fascinating.”


Along with the single release, the Leto brothers revealed the track list for the upcoming album, which will include songs such as “Midnight Prayer,” “7 to 1,” “World on Fire,” and “Get Up Kid.” It’s their first new music since America, five years ago.

It’s the End of the World But It’s a Beautiful Day track list:

  1. Stuck 
  2. Life is Beautiful
  3. Seasons
  4. Get Up Kid
  5. Love These Days 
  6. World On Fire
  7. 7 to 1 
  8. Never Not Love You
  9. Midnight Prayer
  10. Lost These Days
  11. Avalanche

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