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“The Roundup: No Way Out” Reveals Still Cuts of Ma Dong Seok’s Stronger Forearm!

by Amber Simmons

The film The Roundup: No Way Out (directed by Lee Sang Yong), set to be released on May 31, depicts the thrilling crime eradication operation undertaken by the irreplaceable monstrous detective, Ma Suk Do (Ma Dong Seok), who moves to Seoul regional investigation team, in pursuit of the mastermind behind a new drug crime, Joo Sung Cheol (Lee Joon Hyuk), and another villain involved in the drug case, Ricky (Aoki Munetaka).

Ma Suk Do, the monstrous detective, moves to the Seoul Metropolitan Investigation Unit, presenting an expanded world. The released character stills alone raise expectations for Ma Dong Seok’s impactful and exhilarating action that sweeps the screen. Furthermore, the film captures Ma Suk Do’s unique humorous side, providing a glimpse of the distinctive charm that The Roundup: No Way Out will bring. Seeing the monstrous detective, Ma Suk Do, relentlessly pursuing the bad guys without territorial or national boundaries piques our curiosity.

The action displayed by Ma Suk Do has also been upgraded diversely. While The Roundup: No Way Out showcased Ma Suk Do’s signature one-hit action combined with the techniques of experts, The Roundup: No Way Out has focused on enhancing his boxing skills, investing considerable effort into the action sequences.

Ma Dong Seok, who plays the role of Ma Suk Do, explained the transformed action points during the previous production briefing, stating, “Although the world has expanded, we have also paid great attention to the story and action. If Ma Suk Do’s action in the second installment was about one-hit moves, we will showcase rhythmic and continuous action sequences this time.


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