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“The Good Bad Mother” Episodes 3 and 4 Give Another Chance For A Mother and Her Son To Mend Their Relationship

by Amber Simmons

Kang-ho’s accident made Young-soon realize the weight of her strict upbringing led to irreversible damage to his son in the 2nd week of The Good Bad Mother.

Determined to renew their special relationship, they are set to seize the days to the meaningful world only meant for them.

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The Good Bad Mother Episodes 3 and 4 Highlights

Previously, Kang-ho accidentally get into an accident after visiting his hometown with a rude attitude to his neighbors and mother.

It turns out that Ha-young intentionally made Kang-ho dozed off and the truck was also prearranged by her father.

Surviving the accident, Kang-ho remains in comatose and Young-soon who can’t reach her daughter-in-law takes care of her son singlehandedly.

In Seoul, business is thriving for Mi-joo as her new nail salon is a hit in the neighborhood.

When his friend Sam-sik got discharged from prison, she mistook him for the rapist from the news targeting women. Catching up, he relays his plan to work hard and not be a nuisance to his parents.

“A mother can replace anything in this world. But nothing can replace a mother.”

Furtively bringing her son back to their house when he finally opened his eyes, Young-soon doubled her hard work. Unfortunately, Kang-ho suffers from retrograde amnesia and has only memories of his childhood with a mentality like a 7-year-old.

Later, her friends Mi-joo’s and Sam-sik’s mothers accidentally learn of her plight. Soon enough, the village people get hold of Kang-ho’s situation.

Amidst her problem, Young-soon is determined to raise Kang-ho again. She even visits all kinds of religions to pray for Kang-ho.

However, her concern with Kang-ho’s refusal to eat is taking a toll on Young-soon. In one moment, she lost her patience and gets surprised when she hears Kang-ho utter her strict instructions not to eat much so he can study because he will fall asleep if he’s full.

Reconciling the reason for her son’s strange reaction to eating, Young-soon reassures Kang-ho not to worry.

Slowly but surely, she has also pushed him to learn how to eat on his own. Through physical therapy, he is slowly getting back his mobility in the hopes that he can walk again.

The village people are also helping Young-soon take care of Kang-ho and Mi-joo’s twin Ye-jin and Seo-jin have become his playmates.

“You should be thankful to someone who makes you want to live and not to someone who saved you.”

Meanwhile, Mi-joo faces a dire situation in Seoul when her supposed friend and business partner took off with all the money from the nail shop.

She visits her friend’s mother who also can’t tell her where her daughter is. Surmising her options, the fishes inside the aquarium where she sits made her look back on her memories with Kang-ho.

For a time, they lived together when he moved out of his mother’s house and pursued a career in law.

At present time, Oh Tae-soo moves to his presidential candidacy plans. Chairman Song has also reached the cryptic accident that befell Kang-ho and used it to his advantage.

Assemblyman Oh brings to the table his knowledge of Kang-ho’s father which Chairman Kang is already aware of since Kang-ho did not deny the story from the start.

“We have fallen over right now. That’s how we see a new world. A world we’ve never seen and we couldn’t see before. A precious world that we were meant to see.”

When the realtor of Kang-ho’s place in Seoul called Young-soon that it needs to be vacated, she discovers the cases her son worked on that were claimed by victims to be unjust.

Emotionally breaking down and castigating her son who can’t remember what he did, Young-soon again blamed herself for the pressure she put on Kang-ho which led him to be coldhearted and cruel.

Inspiring her son about the new world they can brave together, they embrace and look forward to a precious world they will live together.

The next day, Kang-ho is determined to look for Ye-jin’s ball. It took him all day to find it and he rushes to the twin’s house to give it.

When the gate opened, instead of the twins, he was greeted by Mi-joo who was also surprised to see him.

The Good Bad Mother Episodes 3 and 4 Musings

The healing moments promised by The Good Bad Mother are officially kicking in. After the intense launch week, we can now feel the warmth and heartening messages that would endear viewers to the series.

Young-soon’s acknowledgment of where she failed as a mother that led to Kang-ho’s misgivings was highlighted this week. At least, Young-soon’s tenacity to not give up on her son’s situation came in handy.

While she also confronts the painful actions that Kang-ho as a prosecutor can’t reverse anymore, she has learned a lesson not to be so hard on her son.

Her motivated spirit to start anew from the rough patch they had sprung an encouraging note for people losing hope.

Now that Mi-joo is back in the village, she will inevitably reconnect with Kang-ho. Would Young-soon be different with her treatment of her now?

Let’s hope for more delightful moments that would focus on Kang-ho’s growth as he returns to his childhood. His pending personal mission on Assemblyman Oh and Chairman Jang is expected to be dealt with.

But for now,

Watch how Young-soon mends her relationship with her cherished son Kang-ho in The Good Bad Mother every Friday and Saturday on JTBC. International fans can watch the series on Netflix.

Photos: JTBC Drama

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