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“The Glory” Star Cha Joo Young’s Acting in Weekend Drama “The Real Has Come” Under Controversy 

by Amber Simmons

Viewers question if Cha Joo Young’s good performance in “The Glory” was simply because of luck. 

Was it luck to find a good script and good character? Actress Cha Joo Young, who rose to stardom overnight with Netflix’s hit series “The Glory”, is showing acting skills below expectations in her new drama, “The Real Has Come.”

In “The Real Has Come”, Cha Joo Young is said to lose the charm that she previously showed as flight attendant Hye Jeong in “The Glory”. Her gloomy appearance and inaccurate pronunciation don’t fit the tone of a weekend drama. As the glory of “The Glory” is fading, Cha Joo Young’s acting skills are being judged.

“The Glory” turned Cha Joo Young’s career around at once. Before “The Glory”, she had only played urban characters with exotic looks and a low-pitched voice. However, as Hye Jeong, she portrayed a two-sided character who was materialistic, who felt humiliated by ridicule but put on a fake smile on her face, and who openly trampled weaker people while pretending to be very courteous in front of a wealthy potential mother-in-law. 

Cha Joo Young

Cha Joo Young left a deep impression with her acting and presence in “The Glory”. Despite being one of the school violence perpetrators, she received high praise for her performance that made it impossible to hate her. 

It is natural that attention is focused on Cha Joo Young’s next drama after “The Glory”. She chose KBS weekend drama “The Real Has Come”. 


Cha Joo Young returned in a villain role again, but viewers’ reactions became entirely different. The most significant problem is that her character lacks depth this time. Perhaps due to meeting a poorly crafted character, Cha Joo Young’s acting skills in “The Real Has Come” can’t shine like in “The Glory”. 

In “The Real Has Come”, Cha Joo Young transforms into Jang Se Jin, a cool-headed corporate secretary with a graceful appearance, but in reality, she does not hesitate to lie to get what she wants. She takes on the role of a villain who usually appears as a regular in weekend dramas, hindering the love of the main characters.


However, Cha Joo Young’s acting feels somewhat isolated from the rest of the cast. As with most weekend dramas, exaggerated acting tones are typical. However, viewers find Cha Joo Young’s flat, low-pitched voice and dull expressions frustrating. 

Cha Joo Young’s character is supposed to heighten the tension of the drama with her wickedness, but her underwhelming acting fails to do so. 

Acting skills are essential, but actors also need luck to meet the right script and character to be able to shine. Cha Joo Young shines in “The Glory” but has no presence in “The Real Has Come”. This situation inevitably shakes the viewers’ trust in her acting skills.


Currently, Cha Joo Young is considering an offer to play the lead role of Queen Won Kyung in tvN’s new historical drama “Won Kyung.”

Cha Joo Young still has a long way to go. There are still about four months left until the end of “The Real Has Come.” If she does not show something captivating enough to captivate viewers, the glory of “The Glory” can be fleeting.

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