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Teen Top’s Agency Announces C.A.P’s Departure From The Group

by Amber Simmons

C.A.P will be parting ways with Teen Top.

Perviously, Teen Top’s agency TOP Media apologized regarding C.A.P’s behavior during a live broadcast. During the live, C.A.P revealed that his contract with the agency ends in July and mentioned the possibility of not participating in Teen Top’s comeback. It was reported that he also used abusive language while expressing his dissatisfaction with fans’ comments regarding him.

On May 11, TOP Media released the following statement announcing C.A.P’s departure from Teen Top:

Hello. This is TOP Media.

First, we sincerely thank the fans who send lots of love to Teen Top.

After discussion with the Teen Top members, we decided on C.A.P’s withdrawal from the group as of today.

Accordingly, Teen Top will reorganize into a four-member system with Chunji, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo.

We once again deeply apologize for causing concern to many people through C.A.P’s rash words and actions.

The agency strongly feels responsible for this entire situation, and we promise to do our best to manage our artists.

We will inform you of the details regarding the comeback after thorough discussion with the members.

Thank you.

Teen Top recently re-entered the spotlight after appearing on MBC’s variety show “How Do You Play?”, where Yoo Jae Suk and his project group One Top covered their hit song “To You.” In April, Teen Top confirmed plans for their first group comeback in four years after the sudden resurgence of their music on the charts.

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