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Super Junior Hee-Chul to Marry Chinese Restaurateur’s Daughter?

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

Super Junior’s Hee-Chul recently talked about marrying a Chinese restaurateur’s daughter during an episode of SBS’s variety show “My Ugly Duckling.” While it’s unclear if he was being serious, fans are speculating whether this light-hearted conversation could be hinting at a potential marriage in the near future.

Rumors Begin to Swirl

(Photo : Nate)
Super Junior Hee-Chul to Marry Chinese Restaurateur’s Daughter?

In a recent episode of the popular South Korean variety show “My Ugly Duckling,” Super Junior’s Hee-Chul, along with Kim Jong-min and Lee Sang-min, shared their romantic fantasies about marriage.

They joked about marrying the daughters of Chinese restaurant and meat shop owners, leading fans to wonder if there might be some truth behind the laughter.

Hee-Chul’s Marriage Preparation

During the conversation, Hee-Chul opened up about his plans for marriage, revealing that he is currently preparing for it alone.

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This unexpected confession fueled speculation about his romantic life and whether a wedding may be on the horizon.

Reactions from Friends and Family

As the trio continued to enjoy their meal at a high-end jjajangmyeon restaurant, they playfully discussed their dream marriages and the possibility of enjoying luxurious dishes with their future partners.

Hee-Chul’s mother even chimed in, expressing her wish for her son to be in a relationship by next year’s Black Day, a day for singles in South Korea.

The Dating History of Kim Hee-chul

Super Junior Hee-Chul to Marry Chinese Restaurateur's Daughter?

(Photo : Nate)
Super Junior Hee-Chul to Marry Chinese Restaurateur’s Daughter?

Kim Hee-chul has kept his love life quite private over the years. Despite his discretion, fans have been eager to learn more about his past relationships and dating history.

Current Relationship Status

According to available records, Kim Hee-chul is currently single at 39 years old. He only had one prior relationship and has never been engaged. As he approaches his 40th birthday, fans wonder what the future holds for his love life.

Past Relationships and Rumors

While details about Kim Hee-chul’s dating past are limited, online rumors suggest that he had at least one previous relationship.

Super Junior Hee-Chul to Marry Chinese Restaurateur's Daughter?

(Photo : Nate)
Super Junior Hee-Chul to Marry Chinese Restaurateur’s Daughter?

Notably, Kim Hee-chul and TWICE’s Momo made their relationship public in January 2020. They stayed together for about a year and a half and captivated fans with their love story before breaking up.

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Due to the secretive nature of celebrity dating, it can be challenging to keep track of all the hookups, flings, and breakups.

Hee-chul’s Ideal Type and Celebrity Crushes

Kim Hee-chul has admitted to being a big fan of former Wonder Girls member Ahn So Hee. In an episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” the “Train to Busan” actress playfully teased Hee-chul about also liking Momo of TWICE, Legendary Witches actress Ha Yeon Soo, and Korean singer and actress Hara.

Super Junior Hee-Chul to Marry Chinese Restaurateur's Daughter?

(Photo : Nate)
Super Junior Hee-Chul to Marry Chinese Restaurateur’s Daughter?

But when forced to choose between So Hee and Momo, the Super Junior member ultimately picked So Hee.

Hee-chul has also described the Wonder Girl singer as an oasis in the harsh entertainment industry. The two even shared a sweet moment on set, with Hee-chul posting photos on SNS right after.

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The Super Junior sub-rapper fondly referred to So Hee as “Mandu So Hee,” a nickname she earned due to her cute, dumpling-like cheeks.

Hee-chul also reminisced about serenading So Hee on the variety show “Come To Play,” where both Super Junior and Wonder Girls were guests more than a decade ago.

Meanwhile, Hee-chul himself has previously admitted to having a soft spot for women without double eyelids, like Mina of Gugudan, and confessed to crushing on K-pop band Davichi member Kang Min Kyung.

Although Super Junior Hee-Chul’s remarks on wedding a Chinese restaurateur’s daughter were said humorously, fans are curious if there’s a deeper truth behind them. Considering his mother’s desire for him to discover love quickly and his confession of making marriage preparations, it appears that a fresh development in Hee-Chul’s romantic journey may be just around the corner.

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