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“Stealer: The Treasure Keeper” Episodes 5 To 7 Commence A Game of Wit

by Amber Simmons

The Seven Joseon Coins take center stage in the latest developments in Stealer: The Treasure Keeper!

Team Karma acquires the amazing tandem of Skunk and Ms. Lee as they race with Chairman Kim in securing the key to an immense wealth hidden somewhere.

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Stealer: The Treasure Keeper Episodes 5 to 7 Highlights

Last week, Team Karma proposes cooperation with Skunk through Hwang Dae-myung.

Agreeing to the partnership, Dae-myung relayed it to his partner Miss Lee. While conversing, the thunderstorm and lightning bring a painful moment from his past. On a rainy night, after school, he found his parents dead inside the house.

Team Karma proceeds with hunting Dr. Ko who got one of the Joseon coins from the orphaned siblings. Min-woo did a great job of conspiring with Dr. Ko’s ex-lover who spilled his whereabouts after pulling off a con to his former students.

Chief Jang also pays a visit to Chairman Kim to stir fire and let the old man know that Team Karma is aware of his actions about the Joseon coins.

Following a tip she received, Min-woo fell into a trap and intense brawl with Huindal who is desperate to get the Joseon coin. Skunk arrives to help Min-woo on the brink of danger despite Ms. Lee’s warning that his suit is not yet fully equipped.

When Huindal sneaked an opportunity, he beats Skunk relentlessly. Mustering the remaining ounce of strength left in her, Min-woo pushed the villain to the ground.

She checks on Skunk who is still unconscious and motions to open his mask. But Dae-myung regains consciousness and stops Min-woo from discovering his identity.

“History will change depending on who finds it first.”

Team Karma is now in a mutual understanding stage of Chairman Kim’s goal. The latter is also aware that Team Karma is keeping tabs on his plan.

Dr. Ko who is left no choice but to work with the police feeds the information on where the last Joseon coin is. A Chinese businessman is in possession of it and the coin is currently on Jeju Island.

Using Min-woo as bait to give access to the hotel’s penthouse, Team Karma successfully gets the coin. They split though and Min-woo gives it to Chang-hoon. Unknown to them, Huindal is on the same mission and intercepts Chang-hoon who has the coin.

Quick-thinker Chief Jang, fortunately, discerns Doctor Ko can’t be trusted and prepared a decoy coin with the help of Ms. Lee. She also added special features on the coin so they can track it.

Chairman Kim as expected moves to his plan without Huindal who is also brewing a fresh start for him.

Stealer: The Treasure Keeper Episodes 5 to 7 Musings

Swiftly-paced, Stealer: The Treasure Keeper ventures into an exciting arc now that all the characters are in motion and tangled properly in the story.

Raising the ante of the outsmarting game to claim the 7 Joseon Coins, Team Karma prepares for the challenge of Chairman Kim’s infamous vault with impenetrable security.

Can Ms. Lee work her magic together with Chief Jang’s clever strategies? What’s keeping the interesting narrative so far is its funneled plot. There are no unnecessary side stories and fillers but a strict focus on the heroes’ and villains’ intentions. That is to get the Joseon coins that would open the door to hidden wealth.

At this point, we can also deduce the backstories of the lead pairing. Min-woo seems connected to Dr. Ko and Dae-myung’s painful past related to his parents also points to the mission he is trying to accomplish with Team Karma.

Can Team Karma pull off the plan to infiltrate Chairman Kim’s heavily-guarded secure house?

Support Dae-myung and Skunk as he works on protecting cultural assets in Stealer: The Treasure Keeper every Wednesday and Thursday on tvN.

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