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Song Joong Ki Shows a Different Facet of His Talent in the New K-Movie “Hopeless”

by Amber Simmons

Song Joong Ki is coming to deliver a captivating performance in Hopeless in a way we have never seen before.

In the film Hopeless, directed by Kim Chang Hoon, Song Joong Ki takes on the role of Chi Geon, the middle boss of an organization. The story revolves around a young boy named Yeon Gyu (Hong Xa Bin), who wants to escape from his hellish reality and ends up joining a dangerous world when he meets a gang’s middle boss, Chi Geon.

Chi Geon, a character deeply entrenched in the harsh realities of life, has honed his own survival skills. When he recognizes the pain and struggles shared by Yeon Gyu, he extends a helping hand. Song Joong Ki’s portrayal of this complex character is expected to showcase a different facet of his talent.

Song Joong Ki has consistently displayed his acting prowess through a range of projects, including Netflix’s Space Sweepers and popular dramas like Descendants of the SunArthdal Chroniclesand Reborn Rich, to name a few. The actor’s proven track record is building curiosity about the kind of acting transformation he will unveil in Hopeless.

Song Joong Ki, who was drawn to the captivating script of Hopeless, expressed his commitment to showcasing a new dimension of his acting style, raising anticipation for his performance.

Director Kim Chang Hoon, who wanted to bring forth a completely different sense of coolness from Song Joong Ki’s previous gentle image, lauded his performance, saying, “Watching him act, I truly felt that he was the embodiment of Chi Geon”.

Hopeless also stars BIBIJeong Jae KwangKim Jong Soo, and Jung Man Shik, among others. 

Hopeless is a tale of individuals navigating a world devoid of hope in their own unique ways. The K-movie is scheduled for release on October 11. Watch the movie’s trailer below


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