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SM Entertainment Comeback & Debut Lineup [2Q-3Q 2023]: EXO, SHINee, Taeyeon, DO, More!

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

Following infighting between Lee Soo Man and SM Entertainment, the company will now enter the “3.0 era” through THESE artists’ comebacks and debuts lined up for 2Q-3Q of 2023!

(Photo : Idol Issue Facebook)
SM Entertainment Comeback & Debut Lineup [2Q-3Q 2023]: EXO, SHINee, Taeyeon, DO, More!

SM Entertainment announced the release schedule of its artists’ respective new albums for this year!

On May 11, the company that declared the beginning of “SM 3.0” without Lee Soo Man drew attention as it announced the data of this year’s first-quarter earnings presentation on its official website.

In the report, the comeback and debut lineup for the second quarter and third quarter of 2023 were also revealed, raising anticipation!

NCT DOJAEJUNG, surpassed 670,000 copies in the first week... All-time K-pop unit record

(Photo : NCT 127 Twitter)

aespa successfully completed their first Japanese tour since their debut... Hot heat proves popularity

(Photo : aespa Twitter)

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According to the data, there are 15 artists who are expected to release new albums (2Q-3Q), including NCT’s sub-unit DOJAEJUNG and aespa who made their debut and comeback, respectively on April 17 and May 8.

NCT Taeyong Solo Debut: Date, Preparations, More Exciting Details!

(Photo : Instagram: @taeoxo_nct)
NCT Taeyong 

Following them, Taeyong, the leader of NCT is also expected to debut as a soloist in June. He will write history as the first NCT member to debut as a soloist with an album comprised of multiple songs.

In the same month, “Princes of K-pop” SHINee will finally return as well with its eighth full-length album in the second quarter!

SHINee Leader Onew Reacts To 'Shawols vs SM Entertainment' Discord + Update From Agency

(Photo : SHINee (Kpop Wiki))

This is a monumental comeback as aside from it being their first release as a whole after Taemin’s discharge, this is also an album commemorating their 15th debut anniversary.

SM Entertainment Comeback, Debut [3Q 2023]: EXO, NCT Dream, Wendy, DO, More!

The artists making a release in the 2Q were already overwhelming, but more SM artists are expected to shake the K-pop scene with more comebacks and new artist debuts in the third quarter.

These 10+ Idols with Powerful Visuals and Influence All Came From the 'Jung' Family - Who's Your Favorite?

(Photo : Yunho Instagram)

TVXQ member U-Know Yunho is confirmed to make his solo comeback in about two years since his last release, “NOIR” in 2021.

In the report as well, it was stated that EXO’s comeback will happen in 3Q. The nonet was originally scheduled to make a full comeback, but Kai’s sudden enlistment in the military forced a setback in this plan.

Chen and Chanyeol Given Silent Treatment at 'EXO' CLOCK’ Fan Event — How Did It Happen?

(Photo : Twitter)

Despite this, it is expected that the album will push through even without Kai during the album’s promotion. Among members, EXO D.O. then confirmed the release of his second mini-album in the third quarter.

NCT Dream Candy

(Photo : Facebook: NCT Dream)
NCT Dream

In addition to group comebacks, SM hinted at NCT 2023, as well as the comeback of NCT DREAM who created the hits “Hot Sauce” and “Beatbox” in the past years. The groups are to return to the K-pop scene to showcase their power as third-gen groups.

As for SHINee, members Onew and Key are also set to make their return as soloists following their group comeback.

Taeyeon, cropped shirt + mini skirt for school look

(Photo : Taeyeon Instagram)

Of course, the year will not be complete without Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s new music! As per the report, the female idol will have her comeback in 3Q as well.

Talking about female soloists, Red Velvet Wendy also heralds the release of her second-mini album, following the success of her solo debut, “Like Water” in 2021.

Red Velvet Wendy Has ReVeluvs Floored Over Her Killer Abs: 'She's honestly insane'

(Photo : TheQoo)
Red Velvet Wendy

On top of that, two SM Entertainment rookie groups, which are not yet known, are set to debut in the third quarter.

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