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SM Entertainment Caught Lying About EXO Kai’s Military Enlistment, Fans Outraged

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

EXO Kai’s sudden military enlistment has EXO-Ls reeling, as SM Entertainment is accused of lying about the reason for the unexpected event. Despite the company’s claims of recent changes in military law, an official has revealed that no such amendments have taken place.

Conflicting Statements Spark Outrage

SM Entertainment recently announced EXO Kai’s enlistment, citing alterations in military law as the cause for the abrupt decision. The agency announced, “Kai had been gearing up for EXO’s return later in the year; however, as a result of recent amendments in the military enlistment regulations, he will be enlisting on May 11 to finish his basic training. Following that, he will commence his duties as a social worker.”

However, fans were skeptical, arguing that the law had already been allegedly modified in January 2023, giving the company sufficient time to prepare for a May enlistment. A military official confirmed the suspicions on May 4, 2023, stating to XSportsNews that “there have been no changes to the rules regarding enlistment and summons.”

Kai Addresses EXO-Ls on Live Broadcast

In a live broadcast following the announcement, Kai expressed his own surprise and sadness, saying, “I found out today too. It’s so sudden that I’m worried (for the Eris). I’m also not sure how to prepare for this since, but I promise to be back soon.” He also mentioned that the group has already prepared for their comeback, and though he’s disappointed he can’t show it to EXO-Ls now, he promises to do so when he returns.

EXO-Ls Express Disappointment and Anger, Defend Kai Amidst the Controversy

Some fans, unable to hide their confusion and disappointment, have directed their anger towards Kai. But most fans defended the idol and pointed the blame towards SM for not prioritizing the group and causing the full EXO comeback to be jeopardized.

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Many fans have come forward to defend Kai, expressing their frustration with SM Entertainment’s handling of the situation. One fan commented, “Wow, this situation just shows how even a massive company can be completely incompetent.”

The sentiment of disappointment in the company was echoed by another fan who stated, “They’re blatantly lying without any shame, even with the military bureau involved.”

Fans are also questioning SM Entertainment’s actions, with one person asking, “How can they blatantly lie about the military bureau like that, ugh.”

“I’ve always felt this way. I believe SM is the top company when it comes to not caring about fans,” echoed another.

The recent controversies surrounding the company have also not gone unnoticed, as one fan pointed out, “Lately, there’s been a lot of bad news on the forum. I’m not concerned about SM or whatever, but why is their work ethics deteriorating?”

Lastly, a concerned fan highlighted the unfair treatment of SM towards Kai, “SM is lying about the military bureau; this is madness. They’re a notoriously foolish company. And Kai is the only one receiving backlash. What’s going on?”

SM Entertainment vs. Military Bureau

The issue lies in SM Entertainment’s initial statement, which claimed that recent changes in military bureau regulations led to Kai’s sudden enlistment. However, an investigation revealed that the alternative service was not due to any changes in regulations.

A representative from the Seoul Regional Military Manpower Administration Office said, “There have been no changes in the regulations. The postponement of enlistment for both ordinary citizens and celebrities is allowed up to five times within a two-year range.”

Questions Remain Unanswered

With EXO-Ls demanding answers, the controversy surrounding EXO Kai’s enlistment continues to grow.

As the controversy surrounding EXO Kai’s enlistment continues to unfold, EXO-Ls are demanding answers and clarity. So far, SM Entertainment has not provided any statements responding to the claims.

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Meanwhile, EXO Kai is set to commence his military service on May 11, prompting fans to consider what might have been if the facts had come to light sooner. As the controversy begins to subside, one thing remains apparent: SM Entertainment’s poor management of the situation has left a sour impression on EXO-Ls across the globe.

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