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SHINee Taemin carefully instructs fans how to get married to him in a behind clip

by Amber Simmons

SHINee Taemin enthusiastically showed fans how to get married and reenacted a funny scenario in a behind clip.

After being discharged from the military, SHINee Taemin is actively reconnecting with fans. The idol is presenting a whopping number of contents on YouTube and doing live broadcast to interact with Shawol (SHINee’s fandom). Recently, Taemin released a behind clip featuring a Q&A segment on YouTube. The idol drew attention when he carefully instructed fans how to get married to him.

A cut of Taemin instructing fans how to register to get married

In explaining the meaning of marriage, Taemin affirmed his relationship with fans is on a spiritual level, which is also an indispensable element to any marriage. To add humor to the video, Taemin said that anyone wanting to tie the knot with him could go straight to Gangnam’s district office to register official documents. In addition, the SHINee member also gave clear guidance using Google, drawing laughter.

In order to more entertainment, the “Advice” singer also did a hilarious skit. The singer said that falling in love at first sight is prerequisite to any marriage. He proceeded to reenact a scenario where he accidentally stumbled across a “fan” on the streets. At that moment, they exchanged gazes and fell in love.

Forthcomingly, the singer will hold a fan meeting at the end of May.

Source: Billboardvn

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