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Sandara Park meets Son Heung Min, contemplates career change by age 40? 

by Amber Simmons

Former 2NE1 member Sandara Park unveiled her trip to London, where she got to meet Son Heung Min and Tottenham players. 

On May 10th, a video titled “Dara in London 🇬🇧 Meeting Tottenham Hotspur Players & Son Heung-Min #AIAVIPTour” was published on the YouTube channel “DARA TV”.

In the video, former 2NE1 member Sandara Park said that she was going to London, England for the first time in seven years, thanks to an invitation from AIA. She also added, “It’s an overwhelming pleasure to be able to meet Son Heung Min Son and other Tottenham Hotspur players”.”

Afterwards, Sandara Park, who watched a Tottenham Hotspur game live, excitedly shared, “It was my first time watching a soccer match at a stadium, and I can’t believe I saw it with my own eyes… It was much more exciting to watch at the stadium, and all the players were superb.”

Sandara Park, who enjoyed touring various parts of the stadium, could not hide her joy. She also learned soccer at the training center.


According to Sandara Park, she was worried to try playing soccer, the most out of all programs in her London tour. However, she ended up going in gloomy and coming out with a big smile. In fact, soccer player Jo So Hyun said that Sandara Park has a sense for the sport, and said that she would do extremely well with just a little practice, leaving the female star pleased. 

Then, Sandara Park asked jokingly, “Because I’m almost forty, should I change careers? It was my first time playing soccer and I loved it. And I didn’t know I would be this good”, adding, “What if I get cast for a soccer show? It’s great to always be up for something new.”


Later on, when Sandara Park directly met the Tottenham players, she expressed, “It felt surreal while waiting for them, because it’s usually my fans waiting for me at fan signing or high-touch events. They would stand like this and wait, and I would come out and say hi. It was the other way around, and I was the one waiting. I was strangely nervous.”

Finally, when asked what she will do with the signed uniform, Sandara Park said, “I’m going to keep it. Keep it forever. I’m going to cherish it. I’ll keep it clean and unharmed for my grandchildren, their grandchildren, and their grandchildren…!” adding, “I’m going to cherish the moment forever.”

Source: Nate 

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