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Rob Schneider Calls Out Kimmel, Young for ‘Disgusting’ COVID Stances

by Amber Simmons

Chances are Rob Schneider won’t appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” once the writers’ strike ends.

The “Saturday Night Live” alum is a poor fit for the ABC propaganda show in the first place. Kimmel no longer defies authority. He serves it. And he’s been virtually silent on the war against comedy from his ABC pulpit.

Schneider might have to bite his tongue – hard – if they met again.

The comic star’s latest comments all but ensure he won’t be chatting up his next project with Kimmel anytime soon.

Schneider shredded both Kimmel and rock icon Neil Young on social media this week, bringing up their actions during the recent pandemic.

Kimmel mocked ordinary Americans who resisted the pandemic lockdowns, which we later learned were wildly ineffective (but excellent at crushing small businesses and many lives). The late-night Leftist also argued unvaccinated Americans didn’t deserve medical care.

Young behaved just as badly, especially for an icon who came of age during the free-wheeling 1960s. The rocker demanded that Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan be silenced for sharing contrarian views on COVID-19 and the various vaccines meant to shut it down.

He wanted Rogan’s free speech to be stripped from him. To make that possible, he took his music off of Spotify and hoped others would follow suit.

A few did, like fellow rockers Joni Mitchell and Nils Lofgren. (at least for a while…)

Except the vast majority of singers ignored Young’s authoritarian stance or feared the monetary hit of losing their Spotify royalties.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek stood up for his employee despite sizable public pressure. Rogan emerged stronger than ever. And, over time, we learned Rogan was more accurate in his musings than many respected medical bodies.

It’s likely both Kimmel and Rogan hope we’ll forget their toxic behavior during the global crisis.

Not Schneider.

(Here’s what Schneider wrote, in case he decides to take the note down)

Seeing Jimmy Kimmel on TV saying unvaccinated people should not be helped at hospitals, Neil Young asking to censor Joe Rogan and the vile spewed at Eric Clapton just for going public with his vax injury were for me, disgusting and unforgivable.

Clapton suffered considerable side effects from one of the COVID-19 vaccines and shared his health status with the public. He also teamed with fellow legend Van Morrison to protest the draconian measures meant to smite the virus.

Those measures mostly failed, and rockers had every right to protest them even if they had merit.

Freedom still matters.

Instead, the press turned on Clapton and Morrison. Outlets dug up decades-old stories suggesting Clapton was racist, and the scorn heaped upon Morrison spread across many media outlets.

The problem wasn’t relegated to pop culture.

Figures like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Teachers Union kingpin Randi Weingarten have spent the last few weeks pretending they didn’t do what they did during the pandemic.

Sow fear. Erase freedom. Crush children’s educational lives unnecessarily.

The press is mostly allowing them to rewrite history. The same could happen with Kimmel and Young, but Schneider wants his 1.5 million Twitter followers to know what really happened.

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