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Red Velvet’s Yeri Brutally Bullies Lee Eun Saem in the Trailer of “Bitch X Rich”

by Amber Simmons

The trailer for the upcoming thriller Bitch X Rich, starring Red Velvet’s Yeri and All of Us Are Dead actress Lee Eun Saem, has been unveiled. 

Bitch X Rich is a mystery drama that revolves around the rivalry between Je Na and Hye In, as they engage in a psychological battle against each other. 

Baek Je Na is from a wealthy third-generation conglomerate family and enjoys the privilege that comes with being a gold spoon at Cheongdam International High School. On the other hand, Kim Hye In comes from a humble background and is given an opportunity to attend the prestigious school on the condition that she keeps mum about a murder she witnessed. Hye In’s excitement about joining the prestigious school dies when she encounters brutal bullying. 

Lee Eun Saem will be seen as Kim Hye In, and the idol star Yeri will play the role of Baek Je Na. 

The main poster featuring the main leads was also released. The caption, “I’ll make sure school becomes hell for you”, hints at a thrilling drama to expect.

Whereas, the teaser commences with Hye In walking happily to her school locker only to find a sign with “Welcome to Hell” written on it, in a box with a new pair of shoes. Warnings come at her saying, “If you are caught by Baek Je Na, your school life will be ruined”.

The following clips show the intense torture Hye In faces from her bullies. Je Na says, “If this is an aristocratic school, I’m royalty”.

But Hye In doesn’t seem to be the one to only stand and watch her perpetrators bullying her. She comes head-to-head with Je Na ready to fight. And the trailer also gives us a dramatic scene in which Je Na pours red wine all over Hye In’s prom dress.

Bitch X Rich is set to premiere on May 31. It will be available on Netflix in select regions. 

Watch the trailer here

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