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Quick Announcement: Copy & paste no longer allowed on this site

by Amber Simmons

Hi everyone,

This is just a quick announcement to let you all know that I’ve just installed a plugin on the site, to prevent theft of my content.

The trigger for this, is that over the last couple of days, 3 of my posts have been stolen and republished on another website which clearly just steals from other sites, because I saw a Dramabeans recap also posted there.

I am having trouble locating the host of this thieving website, and so, I can’t serve a DMCA notice. I’m not TOO upset about that, because with the plugin that I’ve just installed, they can’t steal any more of my posts, and neither can anyone else.

Unfortunately, this also means that you guys won’t be able to right-click, highlight, copy or paste on the blog, sorry about that. 🙁

Imma fight back more proactively now! Grr!

I’ve been trying to avoid implementing this solution for a long time, because I know it’s inconvenient for you guys, since sometimes you do want to download a picture or screenshot, or sometimes you want to copy and paste a portion of a paragraph, into your comment.

I’m cool with those kinds of copy and paste things. It’s just other sites stealing my posts and republishing it as original that really annoys me, and creates problems for me. 😕

I’ve shared before, that it’s a hassle to chase after these thieves and serve DMCA notices, which is something I’ve had to do from time to time (typically every few months).

Lately, though, with the way things have been going, I’ve basically had it up to here, with people stealing my content, so I’ve caved, and today I’ve installed the plugin.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, everyone, I hope you don’t mind too much.

KFG ❤️

PS: I’ve formatted all hyperlinks on the blog to open in new windows (thankfully, a practice I’ve kept from the start 😅), so even though you can’t right-click on them now, just clicking on them won’t cause you to leave the page you were on. It’ll just open the link in a new window. I hope that helps!


Hi everyone, just a quick update to let you know that the free plugin didn’t stop the thieving website from stealing my announcement post (of all things 🙄), so I’ve now upgraded to the paid Pro version, which offers more layers of protection.

The silver lining, to having to go with the Pro version, is that I now have the flexibility to allow right-clicks on the site. So I’m blocking highlighting of text, but I’m allowing right-clicks on images and links, so that the site’s more user friendly.

Aside from these, there’s supposed to be lots more stuff going on in the background to prevent content theft, so here’s hoping that this will stop the content scraping bot that’s targeting my site. 🤞🏻

KFG ❤️

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