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Promised Neverland Illustrator To Start A New Beyblade Manga

by AcklinEHuey

It has been revealed on May 12, 2023, that the illustrator of the The Promised Neverland manga, Posuka Demizu, will be starting a new manga on beyblade. It is based on the work of Kakegurui writer Homura Kawamoto and Hikaru Takeno.

The manga is titled “Beyblade X“. It will be serialized Corocoro Comic issue 7/2023 next month.

The first chapter of the manga will contain 70 pages.

Further information regarding the manga is yet to be revealed.

Posuka Demizu is a Japanese manga artist, illustrator and designer. She is particularly known for having drawn The Promised Neverland manga series.

She debuted as a manga artist with the 2013 CoroCoro Comic series Oreca Monsters Adventure Retsuden.

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