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PRESS CONFERENCE: “RACE” Aims To Explore The Triumphs and Struggles of K-Workers

by Amber Simmons

To highlight the dreams and determined goals of K-Workers, RACE is a heartfelt tribute to the struggles and joys of Korean office workers.

Premiering tonight on Disney+, the lead stars and showrunners recently shared their insights at the media conference.

RACE features the story of strong-willed Park Yoon-jo. What she lacks in qualifications and experience she more than makes up for in tenacity and drive.

But when everyone in the company discovers several recent hires were made as part of a newly created diversity program, Yoon-jo will have to overcome the insurmountable to win their approval.

The series stars Lee Yeon Hee (New Year Blues, Welcome to Wedding Hell) as “diversity hire” Park Yoon-jo; Moon So Ri (The Handmaiden, Seoul Vibe) as Goo Yi-jung, the leading voice in the PR industry; Hong Jong Hyun (Moon Lovers) as Yoon-jo’s friend Ryu Jae-min; and Jung Yun Ho (Dating On Earth) as CEO of Earth Communication Seo Dong-hoon.

An Engrossing Exploration of the World of K-Workers

Expounding on the creative process of RACE, Director Lee Dong Yoon
shared the title RACE is actually an acronym of Research, Action, Communication and Evaluation which is often used in Marketing and PR.

RACE is the story of people running their own race at work. It’s not running or competing with one another for one common purpose. It is a race in the sense that everyone has their own speed, own pace, and own path.

When asked about the focus on presenting the realistic world of K-Workers, Director Lee focused on presenting humility in the PR world.

We don’t think of the traditional PR but also a lot of digital marketing. I thought a lot about how I can make those work. So, I focus on the workers in big and small PR offices in much detail.


First Office Drama For Lee Yeon Hee and Hong Jong Hyun

Interestingly, in her career, this is the first time Lee Yeon Hee characterizes an office worker. She remarks that she took the project because the stories of office workers especially her age were well-reflected in the script of RACE.

Reading about Yoon-jo’s story made me really want to represent the office workers of my generation. So, I asked a lot of questions to my friends who worked at the office and listen to their stories for character preparation.

Describing her character, Lee shared Yoon-jo is on top of her game when it comes to work. She wants to be recognized owing to how she got the job as a “diversity hire”.

For her preparation, Lee Yeon Hee shared reading books about PR recommended by the writer as well as researching the lives and struggles of PR experts.

I came to think that you really have to love your work and be passionate to be a professional in this industry.

Conveying his thoughts on working for his first workplace drama, Hong Jong Hyun confessed to his concerns and excitement.

We had to do a lot of scenes in a confined space. So, that was something new to me. Like Yeon-hee, I also needed to think like an office worker and it was a fresh experience to me.

In contrast to how Yoon-jo works, Hong Jong Hyun specifies his character Jae-min does not have passion despite being the star of the PR office.

He thinks work is work, life is life, and that his life is more important than work. He takes out all his emotions and that’s why he excels at work.

Character Preparations of Moon Sori and Jung Yunho

Known for her diverse characters portrayed, Moon Sori details she was drawn to the story since the background is Public Relations. Mentioning her vast experience playing various office workers roles, she was intrigued at the concept of working for a PR Team.

Detailing her role as Yi-jung, Moon Sori explained that she is a leading PR authority in Korea and overseas. Offered a job at a big conglomerate company with a long history, she intends to change the outdated culture as a PR specialist.

For role preparation, I thought the mindset was most important to me. I tried not to act like a boomer since I’m working with my juniors.

Affirming the pleasant cast synergy, Jung Yunho introduced his character as a great leader who thinks a lot about his employees’ happiness.

He also said he had a lot of fun with his role as a CEO.

Known for his oozing passion in the entertainment industry, Director Lee attests to that truth and appreciates his discipline and contagious energy.


Taking turns, the lead cast invites viewers to watch RACE.

“You will be witnessing the growth of Yoon-jo.” – Lee Yeon Hee

“You will find yourself rooting for all of the characters.” – Hong Jong Hyun.”

The three characters’ race will be a lot of fun and I also personally look forward to it.” – Moon Sori

It is a drama best to share with friends so we can be a pacemaker in our lives.” – Jung Yunho

RACE premieres on Disney+ on May 10!


Photos: Disney+

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