Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Open Thread #812 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

by Amber Simmons

Every time IU has a success or milestone, haters come out in droves to attack her. This week it has become extreme. A large group plastered Seoul with flyers claiming that IU was a North Korean spy plotting to overthrow the government. The reason was that she is a spokesperson for a large international Korean bank. Additionally, an unnamed third party filed a plagiarism complaint with the police alleging she copied 6 songs. However, the complaint is not from the artist, composer or record label for any of the songs. Under the law, a person who sues another for damage needs to be the real party in interest. A composer for one of the songs took to the media to denounce the action against IU. All of this is in addition to an increase in social media harassment, false rumors and invasion of privacy claims. Her agency stated it is compiling evidence for counter-suits.

Unless the false accusers get some real jail time instead of slap on the wrist, this anti-social behavior will continue.

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