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Ok Taec Yeon and Won Ji An’s Chemistry in the First Script Reading for “My Heart Is Beating”!

by Amber Simmons

Scheduled to premiere in June on KBS 2TV, the new Monday-Tuesday drama My Heart Is Beating (directed by Lee Hyun Suk and Lee Min Soo / written by Kim Ha Na, Jung Seung Joo / produced by Wemade, Monster Union) is an exhilarating symbiotic romance that unfolds as Seon Woo Hyeol, a half-human half-vampire who missed becoming human by just one day, starts living together with Joo In Hae, a woman who lacks any trace of humanity.

Before filming, the main cast gathered at the first script reading, leading the way for My Heart Is Beating. Director Lee Hyun Seok, writer Kim Ha Na, writer Jung Seung Joo, as well as actors Ok Taec Yeon (Seon Woo Hyeol), Won Ji An(Joo In Hae), Park Kang Hyun (Shin Do Shik), Yoon So Hee (Na Hae Won), Yoon Byung Hee (Lee Sang Hae), Go Kyu Pil (Park Dong Seop), Kim In Kwon (Go Yang Nam), Seung Yoo (Rose), Baek Seo Hu (Ri Man Hwi), Baek Hyun Joo (Go Ki Sook), Jung Young Ki (Kim Kwang Ok), and Ham Tae In (Gu Sil Jang) attended the event, announcing the birth of an exciting drama that will take responsibility for this summer.

As the script reading began, the actors immersed themselves in the drama, showcasing fantastic synchronization. Ok Taec Yeon, in the role of Seon Woo Hyeol, a half-human half-vampire who longs for a throbbing love and wants to become human, delivered a captivating performance, adjusting his gaze, speech and breathing to portray the character convincingly. Won Ji An, as the temporary high school health teacher Joo In Hae, who seems like not a single drop of blood will come out even if pricked, underwent a perfect transformation, displaying her unique charm and capturing everyone’s attention.

Park Kang Hyun, will portray the sophisticated real estate development expert Shin Do Shik, delivered a serious performance, revealing a distinctive presence. As Na Hae Won, an investor from a wealthy background with a beautiful and glamorous appearance, Yoon So Hee also portrayed the character’s traits to the fullest, drawing attention.

In this way, My Heart Is Beating announced the birth of an exciting drama with fantastic chemistry among the actors, an intriguing storyline, and the unique portrayal of different vampires. It promises to be an incredibly enjoyable drama.


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