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“Oh! YoungSim” Displays Main Cast With Released Group Poster

by Amber Simmons

Back after 20 years, the characters of Oh! YoungSim are introduced in the latest teaser!

Loosely based on a Korean cartoon series of the same name, Oh YoungSim, Song Ha Yoon plays the titular character. Young-sim is a variety show producer whose goal is to make people laugh through her shows.

However, due to low ratings, her shows are often canceled, leaving her career in crisis. She’s given a chance to produce a dating program and cast famous start-up founder Mark Wang (Donghae) as a guest. She finds out that Mark is her ex-classmate who used to have a crush on her.

Correspondingly, the group poster released on May 9 unveils the main cast. Song Ha Yoon (as Youngsim) and Lee Donghae (as Gyeong-tae) smile with Lee Min Jae (as Chae-dong), Jung Woo Yeon (as Wol-suk), Ga Young (as Soon-sim), Song Young Jae (as Dae-gwang), Tony An (as Woo-sang), Wang Ji Hye (as Jin-shim), and Jo Yoo Ha (as Ji-yu) in a bright poster evoking fun and laughter.

Looking all excited and happy, the cast looks as if they were welcoming prospective viewers. The colors that enhance the warmth of the picture are reminiscent of the animated film from which the series was derived, which was aired about 30 years ago.

“Oh! YoungSim” Confirms Launch Date and Shares Table-Read Moments

The nine characters are raising expectations for how they will bring out their respective roles to life with their own unique charms. Although bickering is imminent in the characters’ interactions; family and friendly relationships are also anticipated to decorate the series.

Oh! YoungSim will be available on Genie TV, Genie TV Mobile, and ENA from 10:00 pm on May 15. International fans can watch it on Viu.

Source: enews IMBC

Photo: Studio Genie

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