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Netizens Discuss The “Most Successful” K-Pop Girl Group Sub-Unit Of All Time

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

Their songs are still iconic!

Many successful K-Pop groups end up having some sort of sub-unit consisting of a few of the members, usually to try out a different kind of concept or genre that isn’t as well-suited for the full group. Some recent examples of popular sub-units include BSS of SEVENTEEN and DOJAEJUNG of NCT!

Sub-units aren’t anything new, though, and there have been some that debuted in past generations that are still considered popular and successful to this day, even if they haven’t released music in years.

Girls’ Generation-TTS | SM Entertainment

Recently, a post was made on an online forum discussing what the author considers the “most successful” K-Pop girl group sub-unit to this day, based on how their songs charted.

The sub-unit discussed is SISTAR19, consisting of then-SISTAR members Hyolyn and Bora.

SISTAR19 | Starship Entertainment

The two debuted as a sub-unit in May 2011 with the release of the hit song “Ma Boy”, which is arguably best-known for its iconic body roll choreography.

The song also performed well for a girl group sub-unit at the time, peaking at 36th on the MelOn yearly chart.


In January 2013, the girls released their second and last song as a duo, “Gone Not Around Any Longer”, which also served as the title track on their first and only EP.

This comeback marked an even more impressive ranking on the MelOn yearly chart, peaking at #10.

Sadly, they disbanded along with the rest of SISTAR in June 2017, so these few songs are all that fans of the sub-unit have to listen to. But they are definitely iconic songs, even to this day over a decade later!

On the forum post discussing SISTAR19, many netizens agree that they are still legends in the industry and that no other sub-unit or even girl group has really filled the same niche that they did. Some other popular second-generation girl groups were also mentioned, such as Orange Caramel (a sub-unit of After School) and Girls’ Generation-TTS.

Maybe someday we’ll see a reunion between Hyolyn and Bora — or the rest of SISTAR’s members, for that matter! — but at least we have these great hits to reminisce about K-Pop from over a decade ago.

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa

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