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Netizens Claim aespa’s Karina Doesn’t Suit Blonde Hair, But Fans Come To Her Defense

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

“Nah it’s just that makeup ain’t it.”

Karina of aespa has been making a lot of headlines lately with her dramatically dyed hair for the group’s current era. Known for her long, luxurious black or dark-colored hair, seeing her blonde was a shock for fans when they saw it the first time!

Karina (aespa)

Now, people have become a little more accustomed to the new look for Karina, especially with the release of their latest album, My World, and various music videos and track videos for the songs on it.

| SM Entertainment

Her visuals with blonde hair have been compared to that of a Barbie, given that she already has such doll-like features to begin with!

But not everyone is a fan of her blonde hair. Recently on an online forum, a post was made with the author claiming that Karina doesn’t suit blonde “at all”, and that it sometimes ends up looking like a wig on her.

They used the two photos below as comparison between Karina with dark hair and blonde hair.

But the sentiment wasn’t shared by everyone who reacted to the post. Several examples of Karina looking stunning with various shades of light-colored hair were given as proof that she does suit blonde, with some people claiming that it was just a poor picture choice that the author used for their argument.

Fans especially seem to like how she looked in the “Spicy” music video, which featured Karina in a darker, more honey-like blonde color and more dramatic makeup.


Here’s how Korean netizens reacted to the post, whose opinions do vary quite a bit. Some people do think she looks better with dark hair, but overall it seems to be agreed that her visuals allow her to pull off even a less-ideal hair color.

| Instiz
  • “F*cking gorgeous.”
  • “Karina is pretty.”
  • “Doesn’t look good on her.”
  • “I think her makeup also makes a lot of difference.”
  • “It’s not all too flattering. I hope she goes back to black soon.”
  • “TBH, it doesn’t look the best on her. But her face makes it work somehow. I think she looks best in black hair.”
  • “I like darker hair better on her.”
  • “It doesn’t look too bad.”
  • “The OP chose different makeup styles for each hair color, though.”
  • “Don’t feed the trolls.”
  • “Seriously.”
  • “It’s not that she doesn’t look good in it. It’s simply not her best. And as an idol, she can’t stay in one hairstyle or color.”

International fans also shared their opinions, which were overall a bit more positive and in support of blonde Karina. Some, though, do agree that black or dark-colored hair still suits her the best.

With someone as already beautiful as Karina, we doubt there’s really anything that she couldn’t make look stunning!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa

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