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“My Heart Is Beating” Boots Up With Unveiled Script Reading Moments

by Amber Simmons

Slated for KBS2 TV’s Monday-Tuesday slot, My Heart Is Beating confirms premiere in June.

The series narrates the cohabitation story of a half-human-half-vampire and a compassionless woman who discovers warmth from each other.

Revealed in the table-read event which took place prior to the full-scale filming are the main cast and creative team.

Director Lee Hyun-suk, writers Ha-na Kim and Jung Seung-ju were joined by Ok Taecyeon (Seon Woo-hyul), Won Ji An (Ju In-hae), Park Kang Hyun (Shin Do-sik), Yoon So Hee (Na Hae-won), Yoon Byung Hee (Lee Sang-hae), Go Kyu Pil (Park Dong-seop), Kim In Kwon (Ko Yang-nam), Seung-yu (Rose), Baek Seo Hoo (Lee Man-hui), Baek Hyun Joo (Ko Ki-sook), Jung Young Ki (Kim Gwang-ok), and Ham Tae-in (Chief Koo).

First, Ok Taecyeon immersed himself in the role of Seon Woo-hyul, a half-human vampire who wants to become a human because of his passionate love. Won Ji An also captured everyone’s attention by completely transforming into In-hae, a part-time high school health teacher who doesn’t seem to bleed even if stabbed.

Park Kang Hyun, who plays Shin Do-shik, a real estate development expert with sophisticated beauty, showed a special presence by expressing serious acting, and Yoon So Hee, who plays Na Hae-won, a rich real estate investor with a beautiful and glamorous appearance, also drew attention by making full use of Hae-won’s characteristics.

Transforming into various faces of vampires are actors Yoon Byung Hee, Ko Kyu Pil, Kim In Kwon, Seung-yu, and Baek Seo Hoo. They vividly characterize vampires in the real world, raising expectations for an interesting drama. In this way, the actors consistently made the event a happy occasion with detailed expressiveness of their respective roles.

In addition, Baek Hyun Joo and Jung Young Ki, who played the role of Ko Ki-sook and Kim Gwang-ok, people from the neighborhood of Seon Woo-hyul, and Ham Tae-in, who played Chief Koo, a close aide of Shin Do-shik, showed a professional side by completely assimilating with their characters.

After reading the script, Ok Taecyeon conveyed his feelings about working on the project.

“‘My Heart Is Beating’ is a drama that makes me think about what I can do to make my heart beat and passionately rush into it.

Next, Won Ji An tips on the exciting elements of the series.

Vampires are featured along with fantastic elements. So, I hope it will be a thrilling time while watching the drama.

Park Kang- Hun also said, “Reading the script is a happy experience,” and Yoon So Hee raised expectations by explaining, “The charm of this drama is the fun and unpredictability.

My Heart Is Beating is scheduled to premiere in June on KBS2.

Source: xportsnews

Photos: WIMAD

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