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Music Critics Discuss aespa’s Future: What Makes Them Different From Other Groups?

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

In an article, five music critics highlighted the music direction of aespa without Lee Soo Man and how its identity will make them shine among K-pop girl groups.

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On May 8, the Korean media outlet Ilgan Sports released an article highlighting the views of five music critics about the girl group aespa.

On this day, the quartet comprised of Karina, Giselle, Winter and NingNing just dropped its third mini-album, “MY WORLD,” which introduced the pre-released song, “Welcome to My World” and the title track, “Spicy.”

In response, five critics, including Im Jinmo, Ha Jae Geun, Kim Doheon, Kim Sung Soo, and Kang Tae Kyu, gave their prospects for the music direction and future of aespa.

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Since their debut, the four idols rose to popularity for their unique worldview divided into KWANGYA and the real world. While their three consecutive hits, “Black Mamba,” “Next Level” and “Savage” were all under their metaverse concept, this time, their latest releases introduced themselves in the “real world.”

Critics were then unanimous that “Welcome To My World,” feels “different” and agreed that this is the start of the change in their music direction.

Music professional Im Jinmo said:

“In the pre-released song, aesspa strongly gives the feeling of trying to approach fans slowly with a grand feeling rather than powerful and stimulating.”

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(Photo : aespa (Kpop Wiki))

Critic Ha Jae-Geun analyzed:

“What aespa tried to show with this pre-released song is the diversity of their music. It seems that they tried to give a non-irritating feeling with the pre-released song.”

However, music critics are wary of how this change will affect the existing fandom, My. As aespa was loved for its concepts representing SMCU, there are possibilities that some fans will exit the fandom. Despite this, critics pointed out that their new direction will also gain them more fans.

Music Critics Emphasize What Makes aespa Different From Other Girl Groups

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As the article continue, critics also agreed that aespa’s worldview was a clear distinction that made them stand out compared to other K-pop girl groups, such as IVE, NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM.

However, critics expressed mixed thoughts on continuing the concept.

Critic Im Jin-mo pointed out:

“I think we should adjust the metaverse concept and view music as its own artistry and compete. The music style of aespa is most in line with K-pop identity but music should not be too difficult.”

On the other hand, critic Kim Heon Sik said:

 “If you look at the recent K-pop scene, the musical sensibility that was popular during the Y2K (from the late 1990s to the early 2000s) seems to be blooming again. At that time, music with a strong future-oriented feeling used to come out, but I think aespa is showing it well at this point.”

Lastly, critic Kim Sung Soo also praised the “Salty & Sweet” singers’ concept, adding:

“aespa is a group that is an indicator of SM. It was born with the best product value that can be created technically and marketing in SM.”

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Written by Eunice Dawson.

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