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Mnet’s ‘Queendom Puzzle’ Unveils Premiere Date Through Engaging Teaser

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

Mnet’s upcoming spin-off series “Queendom Puzzle” has announced its premiere date through a captivating and mysterious video teaser.

Here are the details.

Mnet’s ‘Queendom Puzzle’ Releases Teaser Trailer, Announces Premiere Date

On May 9, Mnet has uploaded a video on their YouTube channel, featuring a teaser for upcoming spin-off “Queendom Puzzle.”

(Photo : Instagram: @mnet_official)

In the clip, viewers were showered with a puzzling feel, due to the standing silhouettes in a maze-like compartment. What stole viewers’ attention was the presence of SNSD Taeyeon, who will serve has the MC for the upcoming program.

Notably, Taeyeon was also the host for the previous and original “Queendom” survival show, and fans couldn’t get more excited to watch more of her hosting skills. The “INVU” hitmaker stood in the center, where she gave viewers a glimpse of what’s to come.

Taeyeon INVU

(Photo : SM Entertainment)

Taeyeon stated:

“Complete the best combination among girl bands, ‘Queendom Puzzle.'”

At the clip’s ending, the premiere date is revealed to be on June 13 at 10 p.m. KST. Mnet will also be unveiling the full lineup through ‘M Countdown’ performances scheduled for May 18 and 25.

Watch the teaser here:


The first teaser for “Queendom Puzzle” was released on April 10, when anticipating viewers were filled with curiosity.

It showcased a silhouette-shot of seven female artists, who remained a mystery for the teaser. The trailer’s background music also caught attention, as it played popular releases from legendary girl groups.


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On April 24, an official from Mnet confirmed the contestants joining “Queendom Puzzle.” These contestants include idols from girl groups who are either disbanded or actively promoting.

The first lineup for “Queendom Puzzle” consists of former IZ*ONE Lee Chaeyeon, former CLC Jang Yeeun, LABOUM Haein, former MOMOLAND JooE, Lovelyz Kei, former H1-KEY Riina, Hwiseo, former “Produce 48” contestant Shiroma Miru, and several Weeekly members.

Mnet's 'Queendom Puzzle' Details Announced: Teaser Video, Concept, MORE!

(Photo : Naver )

“Queendom Puzzle” will aim to create the new global project girl group through this competition, who will be filled in by girl groups and actively promoting female idols.

K-pop Community Expresses Anticipation Over ‘Queendom Puzzle’

Fans were more than thrilled with the content, as they voiced out their joy in seeing the trailer, and mostly, Taeyeon’s graceful presence. Meanwhile, some declared which contestant they’re rooting for in the upcoming program.

Read their comments below:

“I’m rooting for Miru Shiroma.”

“I’m here for my girlies Yeeun and Miru. Let’s go!”

“Excited for Yeeun on the show.”

“Come on Merries, we need to show our full support for JooE!”

“Lee Chaeyeon fighting. Kim Taeyeon shining!”

“Can’t wait. By the way, Kim Taeyeon is so flawless.”

“I hope to see Lovelyz Kei and LABOUM Haein’s friendship on screen!”

“Queen Taeyeon is the ultimate queen presenting us Queendom Puzzle. Few more surprises on who are the participants for sure!”

Are you excited for “Queendom Puzzle?” Who among the contestants are you rooting for?

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