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Mix Reviewed Xianxia C-drama Till the End of the Moon Ends with Even More Polarizing Ending

by AcklinEHuey

Till the End of the Moon is over, peeps! The best part is that it ended, we can be put out of our misery. The worst part is that it ended, we can never see what this drama could have been if it was done properly. The last month has been a fun ride for me, the strong buzz and chatter for this drama comprising of both fan love and detractor hate has pumped life back into somnolent C-drama land and made it entertaining to watch the drama even if the drama wasn’t all that entertaining itself. The story was a giant hamster wheel of fated to be bad poor abused bae trying to escape him fate and falling deeper into it, giving Luo Yun Xi the chance to showcase great acting even in a thankless role. He was intense and restrained at all times, perfectly balanced to carry the entire drama on his slim shoulders. Bai Lu did her best but she had even less to work with, none of her characters were likeable and her actions ended up being the catalyst or the plot device. The good third OTP was offed too early and the annoying as shit secondary OTP of Boring and Jealous could have been cut from the drama and the time used for better plot builds. The ending is what it is, I hated it on principle but wasn’t emotionally invested by then to care anymore. But fans must be spitting blood and after all that copious blood spitting in this drama perhaps it’s just meant to be.

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