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Male idol criticized by fans to his face, had no choice but to force a smile

by Amber Simmons

A fan directly criticized TEMPEST Hwarang for changing his hair color and asked him to go back to the previous one.

Recently, TEMPEST held their first fansign after their comeback with title song “DANGEROUS” and the mini-album “THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM”.

However, an interaction between TEMPEST member Hwarang and a fan at the fansign went viral on SNS, not for a good reason. The clip captured the moment the fan took a jab at the idol for changing his hair color to black. The fan also demanded that the idol go back home and wash his hair with hot water for one month, so that it would return to blue.  At the sudden attack, Hwarang had no choice but to hold his tears and force a smile, so that the fansign would not be interrupted.

Hwarang got teary when a fan attacked him for dyeing his hair black
The male idol forced a smile to keep the fansign going

After watching the short clip, netizens showed strong disagreement with the reaction of the fan in the video. They said that idols did not get too many chances to choose their hair color. Therefore, when the fan came at him like that, netizens believed it to be extremely rude.

Hwarang’s current hair color
Hwarang’s previous hair color

This is not the first time a K-pop idol was criticized harshly by their fans in a fansign. Previously, a fansite master took a jab at NMIXX Sullyoon for not looking into the camera so that he could take pictures of her. Sullyoon tried to keep her composure and explained to the fan lightly. However, as the criticism went on, the NMIXX member could not hold back her tears and was sobbing on the spot.

NMIXX Sullyoon burst into tears when the fansite master criticized her for not looking into a camera 

Source: K14

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