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Malaysian political leader calls for Coldplay concert to be cancelled

by Amber Simmons

Nasrudin Hassan, the leader of the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), has called for Coldplay‘s upcoming concert in Kuala Lumpur to be cancelled.

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Hassan’s protest of the show – which was announced earlier this week (May 9) – was made on his Facebook account on Wednesday morning (May 10). A translation of Hassan’s post, which can be seen below, reads: “What does the government want to nurture a culture of hedonism and perversion in this country? I advise you to just cancel this group’s performance in Malaysia. It brings nothing good to religion, race and country.”

Apakah kerajaan bermaksud mahu menyuburkan budaya hedonisme dan songsang dalam negara ini ? Saya nasihatkan agar…

Posted by Nasrudin Hassan on Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Following Hassan’s call to cancel the show – which would be the band’s first-ever in the country – several government ministers have rebuked the protest.

Shah Alam Democratic Action Party (DAP) chairman Shakir Ameer wrote on Facebook last night (May 10) in response to Hassan’s post: “As usual the illogical protest by PAS leader Nasarudin Tantawi against Coldplay concert shows that they have nothing else constructive to offer to Malaysians but create cheap political publicity”.

Ameer added: “Based on PAS’ logic, it means the Internet, television, radio and any other social media which they heavily depend on (especially TikTok) to spread their propaganda should be banned as well for promoting certain values that they do not agree with”.

Check out Shakir Ameer’s full post below.


PAS is Seeking Cheap Publicity over Coldplay Concert1. As usual the illogical protest by PAS leader Nasarudin…

Posted by Shakir Ameer on Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Ameer also said that PAS should “acknowledge that during music events major international artists such as Coldplay, local traders are able to make an honest living around the vicinity of the event venue”. He also noted that since Kuala Lumpur is one of only two Coldplay shows announced for Southeast Asia, “we can expect influx of tourists from Singapore, Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. This is a huge economic opportunity that Malaysia can take advantage of!”

Ameer also pointed out the irony of Hassan’s protest against the Coldplay concert, saying: “Coldplay’s Spheres Tour also intend to promote sustainability, recycling culture and reduction of CO2 emissions which are good values that Islam also acknowledge for the benefit of the environment.”

Fellow DAP minister Nga Kor Ming echoed Ameer’s statements, saying in a statement to Malaysian press, per Free Malaysia Today: “If PAS does not like Coldplay, then simple – don’t buy their concert tickets. That’s all, but don’t stop Coldplay fans from attending their concert”.

While mentioning that other international acts such as Adele and Taylor Swift are more than welcome to perform in Malaysia, Nga added: “Don’t forget that 2025 is Visit Malaysia Year. We have to start [promoting the country] from now, therefore we will definitely welcome them”.

Hassan’s proposed protest against Coldplay’s Malaysia concert also comes after Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim shared a video on social media welcoming the band. “Let us work together, protect our environment and keep the world safe,” he said.

Tickets to Coldplay’s Kuala Lumpur show will be made available on May 17. Further information can be found here.

This is the latest instance of a Malaysian political member calling for an international concert in the country to be cancelled. In January this year, an independent Malaysian Muslim preacher called for BLACKPINK’s March concert to be cancelled. Similarly, the PAS also called for a ban on international concerts with a threat to protest in response to Billie Eilish‘s Kuala Lumpur concert in August last year.

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