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Luhan Happily Signs Lucky EXO-L’s ‘XOXO’ Album — And Eris Reminisce Group’s ‘OT12 Days’

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

Former EXO member Luhan has caught the attention of netizens due to his sincere actions with a lucky fan!

Here’s what Luhan did.

Former EXO Luhan Gladly Signs Lucky EXO-L’s ‘XOXO’ Album

On May 8, Eris were thrilled to know of Luhan’s latest activities, which warmed their hearts upon witnessing.

(Photo : Weibo: Luhan Studio)

According to EXO-Ls, fellow fans were seen to have spotted Luhan in his reality show “5Ha” recording session. As if that wasn’t already surprising, no one could’ve prepared to what Luhan did next.

Through numerous clips that have scattered across the internet, a lucky fan got Luhan to sign her ‘XOXO’ album in person, bringing happiness to the fandom. What makes this interaction special is that Luhan was more than happy to sign, and eventually, the fan got her wish!

The wholesome interaction immediately went viral, as fans expressed their joy in seeing Luhan after a long while. Since the context also contained one of EXO’s best-selling hits and first-ever full-length album “XOXO,” fans couldn’t help but spot crumbs between Luhan and his former group.

Although it seemed subtle, Eris were both delighted and emotional to recall EXO’s OT12 days, because of Luhan signing the fan’s album wholeheartedly. On Twitter, fans conveyed their feelings.

EXO Luhan

(Photo : Weibo: Luhan Studio)

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Read their comments here:

“Just seeing the video and Luhan’s reaction when he signed his album with EXO’s “XOXO” made me cry so hard, I miss Luhan so much, I still remember the pain I felt when he and Zitao went out of EXO.”

“I know EXO still in his heart, but it’s all about between him and company.”

“What this is recent? No, I’m crying.”

“That’s so amazing! Meeting your bias and getting their autograph on their first album is a dream come true!”

“I’m so thankful to this man for introducing me to EXO that’s why Luhan will always have a special place in my heart.”

“What made me emotional is that it was their 1st full album ‘XOXO.'”

“My OT12 heart!”

“I miss Luhan so much. I still wish if they all could meet up one day.”

Luhan’s Departure From EXO, Final Activities With Group

Luhan debuted with EXO on April 8, 2012 with their first single “MAMA.” During the group’s ventures, the former member also engaged in EXO’s Mandarin sub-unit EXO-M. Luhan also participated in EXO’s full group promotions, including their first studio album “XOXO.”


(Photo : Luhan Weibo)

On October 2014, Luhan had filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, in order to terminate his exclusive contract. This is due to discrimination, to which he and EXO’s fellow Chinese members have experienced.

After he left the group, Luhan returned to China to flourish his solo career. The idol is also known as a singer, actor, and influencer. Luhan has also released numerous solo albums such as “π-volume.4” in October 2020 and “π: Ready To Play?” in March 21.

Did Luhan’s actions make you miss OT12? Tell us in the comments below!

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