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Late Abby Choi’s funeral to be held next month with unfound head and neck replicated using 3D printing

by Amber Simmons

The funeral of model Abby Choi (28 years old) will take place next month. Her unfound body parts will be replicated with 3D printing.

Abby Choi’s bereaved family announced that the funeral of the late model would be held on June 18th at Hong Kong Funeral Memorial Hall. 

The bereaved family will not receive public condolences and the entire funeral hall will be rented to prevent outsiders from entering. In consideration of the fact that the deceased valued her beauty when she was alive, the unfound parts of her body, such as her head and neck, will be replicated and recovered using a 3D printer.

Earlier in March, Abby Choi was found murdered by her former husband. Six people, including her former husband Alex Kwong, his father, mother, and brother, were arrested in connection with the case.

Police believe that the ex-husband, who was facing financial difficulties after his divorce from Abby Choi, and his family members committed the crime because they were targeting Abby Choi’s property.


It was revealed that Abby Choi did not register her marriage with her new husband and she expected the children she had with her ex-husband would inherit her legacy when she passed away.

In addition, there was also a real estate issue. Abbie Choi had put a luxury apartment in her father’s name to avoid taxes, but there was a dispute in the process of dividing the property. The luxury apartment is said to be worth 100 million Hong Kong dollars (approximately 16.7 billion won).

Abbie Choi married her ex-husband in 2012 and divorced in 2015 due to differences in personalities. However, it was reported that the late model had continued to maintain a good relationship with him after the divorce since they had two children together.

Source: Wikitree

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