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“Korean Sexy Queen” Uhm Jung Hwa reveals her diet for a healthy and fit body

by Amber Simmons
“Korean Sexy Queen” Uhm Jung Hwa reveals her diet for a healthy and fit body

Uhm Jung Hwa revealed she had to maintain a strict diet regime for a fit physique at the age of 54.

In an exchange with Uhm Jung Hwa, the actress reveals her secret for a youthful and strong appearance. In an interview with ELLE, the actress also boasted hard-earned abs as a result of regular workouts. She said that, 3 hours before her scheduled exercise, she usually eats starchy food, protein, and vegetable. Her meal prep consists of a slice of bread with stirred chicken and vegetables.


 To build muscles, Uhm Jung Hwa usually drank an avocado smoothie with extra milk and a variety of nuts. However, she advised moderate usage of these kinds of food. She also developed a habit of eating chicken breast when she needed to reduce fat and increase muscles.

uhm jung hwa

Home cook meals allow Uhm Jung Hwa to manage her food intake. She said that she rarely ordered food unless it were salad. The “Doctor Cha” actress affirmed she did not eat fried chicken or pizza during her diet.

She added that the training process lasted for about 1 year, which interrupted her training schedule and caused her to lose muscles. That was why she started returning to training with her trainer.

uhm jung hwa

In her training, Uhm Jung Hwa is used to lifting. In the workout routines that focus on central muscle groups, she frequently spends 20 minutes on each set. Apart from working out, the actress also shared her daily makeup style. The actress mostly kept her face bare and only put on foundation to cover red spots on her face.

Uhm Jung Hwa is a 1969-born actress. She debuted as a singer and later debuted as an actress with the 1993 “On a Windy Day”. Currently, she stars in the medical drama “Doctor Cha” about a housewife who resumes her medical career after years of devotion to her family.

Source: zing news

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