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Korean Netizens React To BLACKPINK’s Prospects Without Lisa

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

“Maybe this is it for BLACKPINK…”

Korean netizens reacted to the possibility of BLACKPINK Lisa leaving.

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

On September 18, a post went viral online. In the post, a netizen uploaded a news article titled “BLACKPINK Lisa, ‘Silence’ On Re-Signing… BLINKS Are Anxious.”

In the article published by Sports Kyung Hyang, the news outlet brings up the possibility of Lisa leaving.

In particular, many are focused on what Lisa says. Lisa, who is currently rumored to be dating and to have rejected a new contract (from YG Entertainment,) is at the center of the group’s future together. It is believed that negotiations for BLACKPINK’s other three members are going smoothly.

— Sports Kyung Hyang

The report follows a previous article from a Korean media outlet that reported a rumor alleging Lisa had recently rejected a second contract offer worth around $40 million USD.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reportedly Rumored To Have Rejected YG Entertainment’s Contract Offer Worth Around $40 Million

Netizens reacted to the report with varying reactions. While some asked for patience, others expressed their opinions on a three-member BLACKPINK.

  • “It is weird that they haven’t said anything when their concert has ended.”
  • “If she stays in BLACKPINK but signs with a different agency, I hope she signs with an American label.”
  • “Maybe this is it for BLACKPINK.”
  • “Although I want her to stay in BLACKPINK, it’s okay if she doesn’t. It’s her choice.”
  • “Didn’t they say they will become a better version of BLACKPINK? Just wait for their decision. Why is every speculating?”
  • “I’m fine with a three-member BLACKPINK.”
  • “I think it’ll be fine even if she doesn’t re-sign.”
  • “I mean, they’ll all be fine even if they don’t re-sign, although their current popularity would go to waste.”
  • “To those who are saying they are okay with a three-member BLACKPINK… The other three members also haven’t re-signed yet.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo and sports kyung hyang


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