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Korean actor Lee Je Hoon reveals he is not paid appearance fee for presenting at the “59th Baeksang Arts Awards” 

by Amber Simmons

Korean actor Lee Je Hoon said that he did not get any monetary gain from the “Baeksang Arts Awards”. 

On May 10th, a fact revealed by actor Lee Je Hoon about the “Baeksang Arts Awards” drew much attention on social media. On an episode of live broadcast on April 27th on “Calm Down Man”, Lee Je Hoon said, “I came (for a short time) because I had an award schedule. I’m going to the ‘Baeksang Arts Awards’”. When Lee Mal Nyeon heard of this, he asked, “Does such an award give money?” to which Lee Je Hoon responded he did not receive any payment. 

Lee Mal Nyeon said, “We need to pay for the award”, emphasizing that presenters needed to receive the rightful amount of compensation. 

Although the circumstances may vary from award show to award show, netizens responded that they were surprised when it was revealed that the “59th Baeksang Arts Awards” did not pay the performance fee to the presenter. Taking into account the cost of makeup and the effort to clear their schedules, the public thought the presenter would at least be paid in some amount. 


Members of the online community Theqoo were surprised, stating, “It was too much not to give a penny”, “Oh, the presenter doesn’t have to pay an appearance fee…” “The award should give them something”, and “The presenters have been spending money so far…

Nonetheless, some people thought of honor and symbol as the rewards for the presenters, “I think it’s because the previous year’s winner usually announces awards”, “Wouldn’t it be an honor to attend?” and “The award ceremony is a symbol and honor after all…

The “Baeksang Arts Awards” was established to promote the development of Korean pop culture and arts and to boost the morale of artists. The award show began in 1965 and is on its 59th ceremony this year.

At the “Baeksang Arts Awards” held on April 28th, the movie “Decision to Leave” won the Daesang in the Film category and Park Eun Bin won the Grand Prize in the TV category. The Korean actor Lee Je Hoon and Chinese actor Hsu Kwang Han were the presenters of the “Best Director” Award in the Film and TV categories. 

The following is a scene in which Lee Je Hoon mentioned the fee for the award ceremony on the live broadcast of the YouTube channel “Calm Down Man” hosted by webtoon writer Lee Mal Nyeon.

Source: wikitree

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