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Kim Woo Bin & Team Takes Us Behind-the-Scenes of the K-drama “Black Knight”

by Amber Simmons

One of the most enticing elements to look forward to from the upcoming drama Black Knight is the stunning visuals of the dystopian world the drama is set in. To give us a sneak peek into what went into making the grandiose sets, Netflix released a behind-the-scenes video of the making of the peninsula gone dry. 

With regard to the refugee districts, director Cho Ui Seok commented, “Refugee districts were designed to look desertified. The art director invested a lot of effort to depict the residents who try to survive and live on, hoping for a better future. As for general districts, the idea was to show people living in designated areas and in standardized houses. Special district is somewhat gloomy. People there cannot see the sun, as they are stuck underground. That’s the idea we wanted to get across. Core District is the only place where oxygen is freely inhaled, and the necessities are abundantly supplied. So it became the only district where the colour green exists”. 

Actor Kang Yoo Seok commented on the different types of masks and the significance behind them in depicting where the person stands on the social ladder. He further commented, “We thought having different masks would help with describing the characters”. 

About the characters, the lead actor Kim Woo Bin commented, There is a clear motive behind each character’s actions. If you can try to think about the characters’ thoughts, feelings, and actions, I’m sure this show will give you a more immersive experience”. 

The cast of the K-drama, including Esom and Song Seung Heon told what the viewers can expect, including spectacular visuals, charming characters, entertaining stories, and interesting tales; and concluded by promising to reunite with the audience on Netflix. 

Watch the full video here. 



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