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Kim Woo Bin “It was scary and frightening…I was worried about whether I could work again”

by Amber Simmons

Actor Kim Woo Bin confessed his honest feelings about fighting cancer. Kim Woo Bin had a 3-year hiatus due to nasopharyngeal cancer.

On the May 10th broadcast of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block“, Kim Woo Bin appeared as a guest and introduced his life story.

Kim Woo Bin, who rose to the ranks of top actors with the success of “The Heirs”, “Twenty” and “Uncontrollably Fond”, had a 3-year hiatus due to nasopharyngeal cancer.

In response, Kim Woo Bin confessed that he was upset with himself and wished he had fully enjoyed those moments.

“After all, isn’t exercise supposed to be enjoyable? But I used to exercise with stress, thinking only about improving my body every day,” the actor said, adding “Nowadays, I regret those times, so I try to enjoy every moment as much as possible.”

He continued, “For instance, I look more into the eyes of the person I’m talking to, or observe what they’re wearing. Having these moments makes me have no regrets. It feels like I’ve had a good day. I’m working hard on it.”

When asked about his feelings where vague fears surged up, Kim Woo Bin expressed, “It was scary. As it’s related to life, it was scary and frightening. After recovering, I was worried about whether I could return to my old job, or whether I could work again. Thanks to the support of many people, I regained my health and I’m really grateful.”

Finally, Kim Woo Bin emphasized a positive mindset, saying, “I’m originally quite positive, so I think there are advantages and disadvantages in everything. So, I thought this might be a vacation given by heaven for me to think about my health, as I hadn’t been able to rest and was busy all the time.”

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