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Kim Tae Hee and Im Ji Yeon Team Up for “Lies Hidden in My Garden,” Script Reading Revealed!

by Amber Simmons

On the 12th, the production team of the Genie TV original series Lies Hidden in My Garden (written by Jiani and directed by Jung Ji Hyun) unveiled the script reading scene.

Based on the bestselling novel of the same name, Lies Hidden in My Garden is a suspense thriller drama that unfolds when two women, leading completely different lives, meet due to a mysterious smell emanating from the backyard.

Lies Hidden in My Garden, which stimulates curiosity with the mysterious line “There’s a smell of a corpse in the backyard,” is receiving attention as the new work of director Jung Ji Hyun, known for the visually stunning dramas Search: WWW and Twenty-Five Twenty-One. With a strong lineup consisting of Kim Tae Hee, Im Ji Yeon, Kim Sung Oh, and Choi Jae Rim, expectations are high for the birth of a highly polished thriller.

The script reading brought together director Jung Ji Hyun, writer Jiani, and talented actors, including Kim Tae Hee (playing the role of Moon  Joo Ran), Im Ji Yeon (playing the role of Chu Sang Eun), Kim Sung Oh (playing the role of Park Jae Ho), and Choi Jae Rim (playing the role of Kim Yoon Beom), who showcased their first acting chemistry.

Kim Tae Hee portrayed the character of Joo Ran, who finds herself confused due to the smell of a corpse in the backyard, delicately depicting her unstable psychology and evoking a sense of impending horror and chilling tension. Furthermore, Im Ji Yeon, who played the role of Sang Eun, a domestic violence victim dreaming of escaping from a wretched reality, captivated attention by vividly portraying her suppressed desire to escape from the hellish reality. Moreover, the two actresses, Kim Tae Hee and Im Ji Yeon, who lead completely different lives in the drama, overwhelmed the set with the synergy created by their contrasting characters, raising expectations for their acting chemistry in the actual broadcast.

Kim Sung Oh, who plays the role of Jae Ho, a perfectionist doctor, and Joo Ran’s husband, skillfully portrayed the enigmatic atmosphere as he seamlessly transitioned between the appearance of a caring husband and an unpredictable, cold demeanor. Choi Jae Rim, who played the role of Yoon Beom, Sang Eun’s husband, unhesitatingly embodied his character’s cunning and violent presence.

The script reading scene was filled with a dense story full of twists and turns, and the actors’ performances, combined with the high tension of the story, exuded the intoxicating scent of mystery. Director Jung Ji Hyun, known to share his ideas and details about each scene with the actors, led the script reading with high quality from the start, according to reports.

Lies Hidden in My Garden will premiere on June 19th.


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