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Kim Jong Kook sells out self-produced clothes despite controversy & promises to donate profits

by Amber Simmons
Kim jongkook tshirt

Kim Jong Kook was caught up in an unexpected controversy over the clothes he sold

On September 14th, Kim Jong Kook posted a notice on the Community section of his YouTube channel, saying “I made clothes to reduce my worries about buying clothes. I made them according to my usual sensibility, so the clothes are very comfortable to wear. I put a lot of effort into making them because they are what I always wear. They will be sold in limited quantities”.

Kim Jong Kook recently opened a shopping mall that sells short-sleeved T-shirts and sleeveless shirts. There are not many products and the designs are also simple with only the brand name written on the clothes.

With the opening of the shopping mall, Kim Jong Kook promoted it by posting photos of him wearing the brand’s T-shirt on his SNS. His colleagues, including Haha and Mighty Mouth, also showed support by taking proof shots of the products.

On the opening day, people found out that the prices of the products were set at around 40,000 won. Therefore, a controversy arose in online communities. Some netizens pointed out that the prices were too expensive for the simple designs with only a logo. Moreover, some people also criticized Kim Jong Kook when he said “It’s not expensive” in a video.

Kim jongkook tshirt

While some people expressed disappointment, saying “It’s not even a famous brand but the clothes are so expensive”, “The material looks good but the prices are a little high”, etc., others argued, “Don’t buy it if you think it’s expensive”, “T-shirts are sold at that price these days”, “If you are his fans, you would know how much effort he put into making it”, etc.

It seems like Kim Jong Kook was also aware of the criticism. Later, he left another message on YouTube community, saying “I’m telling you this honestly. They are not just clothes with printed letters.” He explained, “I made them with sincerity. I’m quite picky when it comes to choosing the fabric so I paid a lot of attention to the production. I also set the price at a reasonable price after consulting with many people”.

Kim jongkook soya

He added, “If someone misunderstood my remark in the video as an expression without objective consideration, I apologize for that. I don’t know this field well so I would like to ask for your generous understanding”.

Despite the controversy, the products were quickly sold out as soon as the shopping mall was opened. In response, Kim Jong Kook promised that he would donate all the profits, saying “You guys have participated in doing a good deed. I hope you feel proud and use the clothes well.”

Source: Nate

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