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Kai Eases Exo-L’s Disappointments By Doing THIS

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

EXO’s Kai recently held a free fan meeting filled with luxurious gifts, aimed at appeasing fans’ regrets following the sudden announcement of his military enlistment.

The event sparked mixed reactions, with some praising Kai’s heartfelt attempt to console fans and others questioning the motivations behind it.

Unexpected Military Enlistment News

Kai was preparing for EXO’s group comeback when SM Entertainment announced his military enlistment on May 11th, due to recent changes in conscription regulations.

The news caught fans off guard and left them feeling disappointed, as Kai had been actively engaging with them and preparing for the group’s full-fledged comeback.

The Free Fan Meeting: A Comforting Gesture

(Photo : Nate)
Kai Eases Exo-L’s Disappointments By Doing THIS

In response to the fans’ disappointment, Kai organized a free fan meeting called “KAI’s [aKAIve],” which was live-streamed on EXO’s official YouTube channel. The event featured solo performances by Kai, various interactive segments, and quality time spent with fans.

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Kai’s decision to hold the fan meeting was seen as a comforting gesture to help fans cope with his impending military enlistment.


Luxurious Gifts and a Must-List

To further demonstrate his appreciation for fans, Kai surprised attendees by giving away high-end beauty products from Yves Saint Laurent, a brand he serves as an ambassador for, to ten lucky fans.

Additionally, Kai and fans exchanged “Must Lists” of things they wished to accomplish, with Kai selecting ten fans’ lists to review and discuss during the event.

Emotional Revelations and Reflections

Kai Eases Exo-L's Disappointments By Doing THIS

(Photo : Nate)
Kai Eases Exo-L’s Disappointments By Doing THIS

During the fan meeting, Kai candidly shared his feelings regarding his upcoming military enlistment and the postponed concert and EXO comeback.

He also revealed that he had cried during a live broadcast because of the passion and effort he had invested in preparing for the concert and group activities.

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Despite his emotional vulnerability, Kai remained optimistic, promising fans that he would return and give his all in future performances.

Mixed Reactions to the Fan Meeting

The fan meeting, while seen as a heartfelt attempt to comfort fans, has also raised questions about its intention. Some critics argue that the luxurious gifts were a way to appease fans’ anger and disappointment towards SM.

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Meanwhile, others praise Kai for going above and beyond to comfort EXO-Ls and ease his fans’ disappointment.

The EXO member is scheduled to join the military on May 11th, starting with basic military training, before moving forward as a social service agent.

As fans come to terms with this development, they eagerly anticipate updates on Kai’s progress and wish him a seamless transition into his new responsibilities.

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