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[K-Exclusive]: Interview with AleXa ⋆ The latest kpop news and music

by Anna-Liisa Haapakoski

[K-Exclusive]: Interview with AleXa

AleXa (알렉사) is a Korean-American solo artist. After competing in both seasons of the reality show ‘Rising Legends’, she signed with Zanybro’ ZB Label and trained for two year and a half years. During that time she competed in Mnet’s ‘Produce 48’. AleXa then debuted in 2019, with her single “BOMB”.

This is her first time in Australia for her ‘GIRLS GONE VOGUE’ tour in Sydney and Melbourne. In this interview, AleXa talks about her first trip Downunder, Drag Queens, and Dream Collaborations.

Girls Gone Vogue tour, what’s going on? What does that mean to you?
AleXa: “It’s a brand new tour, 3 never before seen stages, so I hope that the fans get to enjoy those. I’m just really excited on what the Sydney crowd is going to be like and the Melbourne crowd.”

This is your first time in Australia?
AleXa: “Yes! This is the first time in the land down under!”

First time in Sydney, first time in Melbourne, it’s raining, has that stopped you from venturing out and exploring?
AleXa: “Here’s the thing, the weather was actually really nice yesterday, so I went out with two of my dancers. We went out shopping, had a little girls’ day, went by the Darling Harbour and everything. Today, I was supposed to go bridge climbing (Sydney Harbour Bridge), but because it’s raining, it’s like ugh I don’t know if it’s safe for me to do that anymore. I know it’s safe! But I don’t think I’m going to risk it for the biscuit today. I did go to the Sydney fish market today, it was insane! So much good food, like oh my god, I need to go back, I need to go back at least once.”

And in New Zealand, how was that experience?
AleXa: “It was super fun, the fans’ reactions to everything was just so intense, so energetic. It was such a joyous moment honestly in New Zealand, everything was so fun.”

Your last comeback was not too long ago, is there anything new in the works?
AleXa: “There is! I’m working on a few songs. One of which should be coming out at the end of April or early May I’m hoping. It’s a song I wrote, I composed by myself.”

Out of all your tracks, heaps of them have charted, what’s your favorite song?
Alexa: “Oh man that’s a tough one. It’s between 3. It’s between ‘BOMB’ cause it’s my debut track. ‘REVOLUTION’ because she was such a fun music video and she’s fun to perform. Then also ‘BACK IN VOGUE’ because finally, it was something I really wanted to go with a more fem and chic vibe. So I don’t know, it’s between those three.”

You are an absolute powerhouse dancer, an incredible singer. We recently found out, an actress? You were in ‘Urban Myths’. How was that experience? Is there going to be more actress AleXa coming up?
AleXa: “Filming Urban Myths was really fun actually. I got to work beside the boys, seonbaenim Ju Haknyeon and Golden Child, seonbaenim Bong Jae-hyun. They were really pleasant to work with, really cool dudes. Overall, really fun experience. In the future, I would love to delve into more acting if possible. May or may not have some cool things coming up in the future. But just have to wait for certain things to happen before I can talk any further on those so we’ll see.”

You love RuPaul’s Drag Race? Do you get influenced by their concepts a little?
AleXa: “Yes I do! I’m a RuPaul girl. I definitely think when it comes to the outfits, the flashiness and the godliness of the outfits is really inspirational for how I want to do things conceptionally. To us, we have a saying in the AleXa team, ‘Too much is never too much’, you can never have too much bling, too much shininess, too much punk, too much metal.”

“With the fashion outfits that we choose, we tend to go for things that most people haven’t worn before. I think it’s really inspirational to see queens making outfits and just wearing them and owning them. In my song ‘BACK IN VOGUE’, I say it’s not what I’m wearing, it’s in the way that I walk and I talk. It’s not so much the outfit, it’s the way you carry yourself in it and I feel like drag queens are a fantastic representation of that.”

Can you give a shoutout to your A.I Troopers in Australia?
AleXa: “To my Aussie A.I Troopers! What is up from the land down under. Hello, I am so grateful to be here, I could not be more happy. I’m having the time of my life right now in Sydney and I cannot wait to go to Melbourne. And I cannot wait to see your bright and shining faces tomorrow (29th April) and on April 1st. So thank you guys so much for having me.”

Last question, who would be your ultimate collaboration? Korean artist and western artist.
AleXa: “Western artist, I’m going to go ahead and say, Dove Cameron. I would love to collaborate with Dove Cameron. For Korean artist, let’s go ahead and say Ten from NCT. Cause he is a fantastic dancer and it would be cool to share a stage with him so let’s roll with that.”

Check out AleXa’s latest comeback ‘BACK IN VOGUE’ below:

KMUSIC would like to thank Prime Entertainment and Zanybros for this interview opportunity and we would like to wish AleXa all the best on her future projects.

Interviewer: Rachel Di Giglio
Written by: May Lam



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