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K-Drama First Look: “All That We Loved” Affirms Presenting Pleasant Youth Friendship and Love Stories

by Amber Simmons

Bringing in joy and sentiments of youth, All That We Loved previews a sweet concoction of fond memories and good times.

Uniquely narrating its story in shifting timelines, the yesteryear mood coupled with the pictured vibrant characters warrant a safe bet to add it to your weekly K-Drama plate.

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“All That We Loved” Anticipates Love Triangle Among EXO’s Sehun, Cho Jun Young and Jang Yeo Bin

All That We Loved

All That We Loved Opening Week Story

Best friends Go Yoo and Go Jun Hee became close through Jun-hee’s deceased brother when they were young.

Since then, they literally become brothers albeit them having personalities.

“We were fearless and had no worries. We giggled at things that were meaningless. Back then, what we could do best is to love.”

Jun-hee lives with his grandmother while Go Yoo takes care of himself as he has busy parents who are both doctors.

They also have different preferences that are hinted to change when transfer student Han So-yeon came into their lives.

While Go Yoo excels in sports and is a star basketball player, Jun-hee tops the class academically.

When a transfer school bully eyes on Jun-hee, Go Yoo arrives to protect his best friend.

However, in another instance, Jun-hee was cornered and beaten to a pulp. Unfortunately, Go Yoo who was sleeping is unable to rescue his friend.

All That We Loved

All That We Loved Opening Week Musings

Swiftly paced, All That We Loved is keen to thread on signature youth K-Drama series that can easily be loved by the viewers. Sehun in his sprightly elements will be a sure treat to his fans. It’s nice to see this unbridled side of him with an amusing knack for comedy.

A peek at the future suggests how the story is primed to shape up with psychological conditions that would be explored through the lead characters’ perspectives.

More than that, viewers especially the millennials, can expect a nice trip down memory lane through its established setting in the 1990s. We got an adorable serving of how 90s youth played games using the then-uncommon to use English language.

While friendship evidently takes the bulk of the plot, a love triangle is also hinted to emerge. Prepare your hearts as well since the series is seemingly going to take the trademark heartbreak kick commonly used in old Korean rom-com stories.

To run for 8 episodes, this is a quick relief and a nice break to pick up for youth and young at hearts.

Reminisce friendship, youth and young romance in All That We Loved! International fans can watch it on Viu and tvN Asia!

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